The Fancè Fall Tag!

Hi everyone! How do we be doin? 😂 I was tagged to do The Fancè Fall Tag by Ju the Dodo whose blogging journey I’ve only just discovered & I’m glad I did as I love seeing someone voice + share their passion and I found that in the post a world without photography (check dat out!). I’m incredibly excited to give this tag a go as it’s a VERY fun idea! It was created by Bayance (who I also recently discovered and love reading! ❤️)

….Honestly though I feel like I have been living underneath a rock all this time without these two! I hate knowing that there are amazing blogs out there that I haven’t read yet!! I am slowly discovering them and I suppose that makes it all the more magical in knowing that they are still to come ✨. I appear to have veered off from the point here! TAG TIME! I was only tagged the day before yesterday and I immediately started to happily type this out knowing that as it’s an Autumnal thing I don’t wanna be the one that breaks the chain and let’s the predecessors down so here we are! 😂.

Let’s go through the rules first!

  1. Pick from the options your nominator left you.
  2. Nominate one person to continue the perfect fall challenge (pick wiselyyy).
  3. Copy and past the options your nominator left you but add one more to each category (*don’t add new categories, add new options within the categories)!
  4. Don’t forget to credit Bayance!

All of the writing describing each category is Bayance and not me.

1. Destination

Congratulations, you’ve been selected to go on a free trip to any of the following places to spend your Autumn. Which will you pick?

a). Saxony, Germany

b). kanchanaburi, Thailand

c). Scottish Highlands

d). New York, USA

e). London, UK

f). Bali, Indonesia

At this moment in time I’mma go with New York! I’m sure my sister and I could wreak some havoc on those streets 😂 It would be nice to go stay there in a hotel one day and go out to venture around the city 😍

2. Residence

You arrive at the airport and it’s time to choose the residence vibe you want to spend all month in.

a). Tech-savvy Hotel

b). Cabin

c). Underwater

d). Cottage

e). Inn

f). House on the cliff

Hhmmm this is tricky. Can you even go underwater in New York? 😂 Coz I wanna do that although it might make me feel a bit pukey being surrounded by all of those fish and what if the glass cracks and water floods in?? 😨 Nuh uh. I watched a show with Joanna Lumley in it the other night and she stayed in a tech-savvy hotel where the robot in the room wouldn’t stop singing to her when she tried to order room service so I don’t think I’d go with that either! 😂 Maybe a nice cottage that is small on the outside but huge inside (like a Tardis!).

3. Breakfast

Nothing says fall like a traditional fall breakfast.

a). Muffins & tea

b). Cinnabon

c). Pumpkin spice smoothie

d). Pecan pancakes

e). Pumpkin waffles

f). Croissant and coffee

I’d love you forever if I could have a selection because they all sound so GOOD 😂 If I had to choose though I’d go with Pumpkin waffles as they must be marvelous 🤤

4. Books

And nothing says fall like a good book. Which book would you rather read?

a). Girl made of stars

b). Harry Potter

c). Pride & Prejudice

d). 13 minutes

e). Halloween Party

f). A thousand sun’s

It would have to be Halloween Party as I really want to read more Agatha Christie books!

5. Beauty Look

Whether you like makeup or not, nothing says fall vibes like Instagram makeup looks (I need to stop with the ‘nothing says fall like..’ statements I swear-).

a). Smokey eye + dark lips

b). Bright red + eyeliner

c). Natural

d). Halloween make-up

e). Minimalistic makeup

f). Makeup no makeup (barely there makeup)

I don’t wear makeup because in the past when I’ve tried it I’ve just been overly aware + uncomfortable with it on but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good look when I see one! 😂 I love a smokey eye with dark lips (make those dark lips a nude and you’re on to a winner!). I used to do Halloween special effects on my hand with face paints (and I want to get back into it as I still have the stuff) so that side of me is calling to go with Halloween make-up though!

6. Fall Outfit

a). Sweater weather + ripped jeans

b). Sweatpants + denim jackets

c). Faux fur jacket

d). Skirt + jumper

e). Coat + scarf

f). Trench coat

I’d go with a faux fur jacket if it was one of those teddy bear jackets that is trending right now as they are so comfy and warm 🤗

7. Fall Activity

a). Attend a fair

b). Pumpkin picking

c). Biking

d). Halloween baking

e). Carving pumpkins

f). Fall camping

I choose Pumpkin picking as that’s what I did last Saturday for the first time ever and it was a lot of fun! 🎃 (I will be writing a bit about it in my October favourites!).

8. Candles

a). Pumpkin spice

b). Vanilla

c). Cinnamon

d). Crisp morning air

e). Firewood figs

f). Portable fireplace

I was going to go with Pumpkin spice as I have some tealights that I swear by but then I saw crisp morning air and it drew me in! It sounds lovely 🌬️

9. Journal Cover

a). Leaf wreath

b). Abstract

c). Pumpkin

d). Illustrated leaves

e). Autumn night theme

f). Flowers fall journal

Autumn night theme all the way! It looks a lot like some photos I’ve been pinning to my Autumnal vibes board on Pinterest 🍂

10. Fall Dessert

a). Pecan pie

b). Caramel apples

c). Hot chocolate and cookies

d). Brown sugar, cinnamon ice cream

e). Apple pies

f). Pumpkin chocolate brownies

Pumpkin chocolate brownies look dreamy therefore I want them! I’ve never seen anything like them so I’m a hella intrigued 😯

The options I add are:

1. reykjavík, Iceland

2. A luxury hotel

3. A toasted cinnamon bagel

4. The Fandom by Anna Day (as it is INCREDIBLE and perfect to escape into on a cold Autumnal night).

5. A nude lipstick with mascara

6. Tartan coat

7. A haunted house/experience

8. Fresh linen

9. Pressed leaves

10. Gooey chocolate cookies

And I nominate:……I blog a little bit of everything! 🍁 I hope that you can do it! ❤️Thank you so much for reading 😉 Take care and have a wonderful day! ✨



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