“The good old days”

I was looking back at “the good old days” when all of a sudden this nostalgia session was cut short.

The present is good too

no matter what I’m going through.

I always look back on the best parts of the past with what I guess can be described as a parents pride,

Thinking “you were doing so well then….what happened?”

Reciting that line from The Great Gatsby which basically means believing you will never surpass a momentous achievement in your past because you cling to it so dearly

placing it up on the highest pedestal which was only reachable that day.

Well I believe that I can achieve whatever I put my heart to.

“The good old days” are just that


I appreciate and have learned from them and yet I know that good new days have + will stem from them.

Hold on but never fear letting go

Don’t settle when you can have both.

Hi everyone! ✨ I hope this resonates with you in some way. It’s good to have memories of lovely times but know that if they hold you back they aren’t as important to hold on to as they seem. To those of you who are curious as to what passage of The Great Gatsby I am referring to it’s the line:

One of those men who reach such an acute limited excellence at twenty-one that everything afterward savours of anti-climax.

(Thank YOU leaving cert English 🙌😂). Back when I last read those lines I didn’t know I’d be using them on a blog post!…I didn’t even completely know what a blog was back then let alone a post 🙈😂. Anywho! That is my perception of the quote and what it has since brought to mind. Let me know what you think! 💫

It means so much that you took the time to read my thoughts! 😊 Take care and have a beautiful day! ❤️



  1. I really liked The Great Gatsby but sometimes I find it difficult English. It’s so true. I also am a very nostalgic person so I always think the past is better. I also can get stuck in negative experiences in the past such as being bullied, broken heart… it isn’t good. We have to let go but it’s hard. Being present is so important. I’m learning to do meditation more and more.

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    1. That must be horrible having those memories of being bullied, there are some stupid people out there and they only made you a stronger person through doing that even on the days that you don’t feel like it. Can’t understand how bullies don’t see how silly they look and how no one wants to be them so they’ve got nothing to be showing off about 😂. I’d love to get into doing more meditation, especially in this weather whilst it’s raining outside. It would be very calming 🌧️ Take care lovely ❤️xx

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  2. It made me think of a Bible verse, Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions.
    Ecclesiastes 7:10 NIV

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    1. That’s interesting, the quote could probably have derived from that as I’m aware F. Scott Fitzgerald was religious during his childhood and might have carried the belief with him about the past into his adulthood. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts! 😄

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