September Favourite’s 2019

Hi everyone! Okay so it’s gotten to the point where it feels like every second post I type out is a monthly favourites, 😲😂 WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?? September feels like a blip in the midst of it all. I wouldn’t have to start these posts off by saying this if time would just get a hold of itself! 🙄

I very nearly didn’t share this post but then I thought I’ve been doing monthly favourites for over 2 years now and I’ll be damned if September 2019 gets left out of that statistic! 🙃😂 I’ve tried not to go too mad this month and have just listed the things that stood out for me so I’ll work away!

My cat Skirtsey 🤗

The number one thing on this list is that my cat Skirtsey (who was very poorly with a burst hernia) survived an operation and is back to her old self!! She’s a little over 15 as we got her when we first moved to Ireland and so we thought she wouldn’t make it and that the vet would advise us to have her put down which resulted in a lot of tears and goodbyes to which we were told she is very healthy for her age and that an operation would do the trick! 😆

Well Skirtsey is going around looking like 5 years have been lifted off her since the op and it’s such a lovely thing to see. She’s also gotten back into the habit of licking + grooming her fur which she’d stopped doing when she began to feel unwell which is brilliant. She’s going around purring the house down and being treated like the little queen she is! (That’s 1 of her 9 lives down the drain so who knows how long she’ll be with us for now! 😆 She’s like “oh no” 😂).

Ariana Grande Concert

I’ve mentioned before that my sister was meant to be meeting Ariana Grande as a gift from me but when that was cancelled we managed to get seated tickets to both go see her on the 22nd (for less than the price of my sister meeting her & standing so she could get extra merch too! 😂). The show was very good although I couldn’t take it in properly as I had a very bad migraine flare-up that just continued to get worse but my sister loved it which was the main thing and I’m glad I was there to see that happen.

Plus on the third night of Ariana’s Ireland leg of her tour (the 25th) my mum and sister went again (I was supposed to be going with them but the pain I felt on the first night scared me off). Instead my dad and I walked around Dublin in search of somewhere to get a hot drink which was a lot of fun (ignoring the part where I walked into a lamppost whilst checking Google maps 🙈 but we won’t talk about that 😂).

Shazam + Spiderman: into the spiderverse

I’ll admit I first saw Shazam in August when staying with family in England but my favourites list for that month was far too long to add it so I’m mentioning it here (especially now that I have bought the DVD of it! Blu-ray I’ll have you know! Some movies you’ve just got to 😂). Its such a funny film and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

My mum and I watched Spiderman: into the spiderverse whilst my dad and sister were away at a Beatles Tribute concert and we both really loved the aesthetics of it and thought it was visually pleasing but (there had to be a but 😂) we found the plot to be very rushed which I suppose didn’t matter as much when the design of the whole thing was so hypnotic (which is why it is featuring on my favourites list!).

Lily’s Kitchen bedtime biscuits for dogs 🐕

No I’m not a dog but I can speak on behalf of our oldest dog Ruby (the Labrador) when I say that these bedtime biscuits are a coveted item! 😂 I can’t find them over here in Ireland so my aunt kindly sends them over so that I can keep up the routine that makes Ruby very excited: Each night before bedtime I’ll pop my head around the sitting room door and look at her where she is asleep in bed, she immediately wakes up and gets all giddy wagging her tail and I have the treat hidden behind my back which used to confuse her but she’s smarter than I gave her credit for as she always knows that I have it on me. She gobbles it up (sometimes not even chewing it which is worrying 😂) and it sets the scene for a relaxing night seeing as it contains calming properties such as chamomile and passion flower.

The music video for “Bad Decisionsby Bastille

As soon as I heard this was coming out I made sure I found a way to watch it (despite being in an underground carpark with low signal the night my sister and mum went to see Ariana 😌😂). I love the idea of it and although it can be perceived in many ways I see it as killing off each version of yourself to become wiser (including the original you who was preaching for this to happen) in a nutshell. Anywho it’s mad and I didn’t expect anything less from my favourite band who never fail to make you delve deeper into the meaning behind a song. Check out the video here if you haven’t already!

Going out for dinner quite a few times!

I had a delicious curry in the Holy Grail which is a well know restaurant in the South East of Ireland (first photo), a ginger and spring onion stir fry in a place called Lotus (second photo) and last but not least I had a pork nut cutlet served on a bed of mashed potato in the Maldron hotel (third photo) to celebrate my sister starting a new job in a creche at the beginning of the month! 🎉 which combines with and leads us into my next favourite…

Staying in the Maldron hotel!

One September Saturday morning (some alliteration there I think 😉😂) my sister woke me up and told me she’d booked us a night away in the Maldron hotel and I was so excited immediately on cloud 100 packing my things for the adventure! 😂 Since the beginning of the month we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with eachother so it was so so nice to do this and just have some fun. It is a really lovely memory to have shoved in my brain 😂

The breakfast buffet the next morning was the stuff of legends and I would honestly go back there for it everyday if I could (which may explain why when my aunt said we should take a trip to Cork later this year I suggested we stay at the Maldron there and so that is what we are doing now 😏😆 The conversation went a bit like this: “Where do you think we should stay?” *Keep calm Lucy, act like the idea is just off the top of your head “umm the MaLDroN!!” *Great, just great 😌* 😂).

Stradivarius mom jeans

I’M IN LOVE 😍 there aren’t enough words to explain these brown corduroy trousers, they are simply delightful 😂 So far I have come up with 3 completely different styles to wear them in (just different tops basically) and I feel super confident in them which is always a plus! A dark red pair of these that I tried on in H&M whilst in England is now on my birthday wish list too 😏 (back when I tried them on I thought they were too short on me but after realizing that this is the style I now want them with a passion! 😂).

Fox & Ivy pillow

After staying in the hotel I knew that I wanted to get myself a softer pillow and so I found a Fox & Ivy one in Tesco for €18.99 (it’s worth it I swear!). It’s so soft and whenever it doesn’t feel comfortable (when basically I’ve squashed it) I just flip it over and it feels new again! 🤗😂

Thank you for reading peeps! What favourites did you discover in September? Do you think that time is going by fast? Is your time going by slowly? Do you want to trade? Sign me up for that! 😂 I hope you’re having a lovely day and I’ll see you soon ❤️



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