Gift guide for bloggers!

Hi everyone! How are you? ā¤ļø Today I thought I’d do something that I’ve never done before *insanely loud drum roll” šŸ„, a gift guide! (Just incase the title didn’t draw you in already šŸ˜‚). Us bloggers can be a tricky lot to shop for if someone is on the lookout to buy stuff that suits that aspect of our personality so I put together a bunch of topics you can pick and choose from in order to come away with the perfect prezzie for the blogger in your life (even if that is you! Self love and all that jazz šŸ’ƒšŸ˜‚). Here is my bloggers gift guide:

Stationary & notebooks

Hmmm maybe notebooks falls underneath the same category as stationary but I feel like they deserve their own mentioning šŸ˜‚ I don’t know any blogger that doesn’t love a good notebook or have that secret stash of stationary (it’s no secret, we all know it’s there! šŸ˜‚). A planner that they/you can track your blogging progress or even a bullet journal to share with your readers are great ideas!

An accessory

Whether it be a laptop holder, phone case (whatever they/you blog through) or a fashion item such as a brooch or a belt that can change the look of outfits to make them look completely different each time they are worn, go for it! They are the perfect gift and super useful šŸŽ

A prop

Something to place in photos. Stuff like fairylights, cushions or throws, a lightbox or a plant šŸŒ±

An experience

There’s nothing like making a memory that they/you can write about later on! What about a ticket to see a show or a gift card for a spa? There are millions of options out there waiting to happen!! (Calm down Lucy šŸ˜ŒšŸ˜‚).

A product/kit or book (that they/you can review)

An item to review is always a good idea as you get to see what the blogger thinks of your gift later on! šŸ‘šŸ˜‚

Something homemade

From a mini notebook full of blog post ideas for when a blogger is in a rut to a hamper full of random things you think they’d like. It’s something that has a lot of thought in it and can be difficult to pull off but it’s worth it to see their reaction!…šŸ˜®šŸ˜‚

Thank you for reading guys and gals, you da best šŸ˜‰ Can you think of any more gifts for bloggers? Share your thoughts in the comments and have a beautiful day! ā¤ļø

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