Summer Moodboard 2019!

Hi everyone! How are you doing? ❤️ I’m always on the lookout for new things to try and a moodboard has been on my radar for a while now so I thought I’d make a seasonal one before Summer ends! 🌞 I tried to think of things that make Summer great + what is enjoyed most this time of year and got it done through using stickers on PicsArt. I think that the way I went about it is still a work in progress as it’s my first ever one but I’m pretty happy with it and can’t wait to make more!

I tried to keep it simple so that it wasn’t packed with too much stuff and I think as time goes by and I get used to putting them together I will add more things + attach my own unique personal touches to them such as items that feature in my monthly favourites throughout that season. Anyway we’ll see how it goes and I hope you like it! 😄

Thank you for checking this out, be sure to tell me your thoughts on it! 😉 What would you put on your Summer Moodboard that you feel highlights the season perfectly? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤️



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