Back home: All the goss!

Hey guys! I hope you’re well 💖 I’m back from my holiday! (So tempted to say holibob’s but even I get annoyed by that so I’ll steer clear 🙌😂). I was away in England for a week with my sister and had the most amazing time spent with family (old and new, including two new little puppies that have been welcomed into the fold).

The trip included a lot of shopping (we got out everyday as my flare-ups were only at their worst the day after we arrived, thankfully in the evening) and also a visit to see my oldest sister & rest of the family that we’ve lost in the cemetery. It was very emotional but I’m glad we got to do that, it was the most momentous thing that occurred and I know that I will never forget it.

I’m not going to be writing a week in the life post like I was considering beforehand as I like the idea of keeping those memories to myself and I will remember them without writing them down. Although I will be sharing a couple of the things I got in my August Favourite’s which might take longer to write than usual but you will be seeing it very soon! I’ve come back home with new goals + a fresh mindset and I think I will finally work out what I want to do next whereas beforehand I had no faith in myself being able to do that.

A first I was a bit sad at the idea of coming back home (as well as happy to be seeing my parents & pets) but then I realized that I can take what I’ve learned with me and use it to stay positive with all that is coming my way. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and take you along for the journey!

Thank you for reading 😉 What have you been up to whilst I’ve been away? Let me know and have a lovely day, take care guys! 💖

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