Packing my suitcase: What’s in it? 👀

Hi everyone! As I write this I am about to jump into the daunting but exciting task (always a fabulous combination) of packing my suitcase for my trip to England on Saturday with my sister! 🛳️ Why is it daunting you might ask? Well I’m 100% sure I’m forgetting important things but I can’t quite put my finger on what they are 🤔 I’ll know when I’m there but by then it will be far too late! 😂 Today I’m going to share with you one of the many lists I have written recently of things I am going to pack! 📝

I’ve also been looking back on my boat trip essentials post and have found it very helpful so I will leave a quick list of what I’m bringing on the boat with me at the end too! 🛳️

Before we jump into the super long list I will show you my suitcase!

I bought it last month (as my old one is too small so this way I won’t have to bring holdalls with me aswell, just the suitcase!). It featured on my July Favourite’s and also on our “having” coffee chat where I told you about how I discovered the combination by counting down from 999 (fun times 😂). Anywho! Don’t mind me I’m just going off topic! Here is what I’m putting in my suitcase for my holiday!

Presents! 🎁

Not wrapped up as sadly there are no birthdays on the horizon (until we get back home!) but gifts for my family that I know they’ll like/or foodstuffs that they can’t get over in England/bargains that are cheaper to buy over here 😋


7 outfits (I’ll mostly be alternating between my 4 favourite pairs of leggings 😂), slippers, socks, knickers and the likes (likes meaning BRA’S 😂) I’ve figured out that I have 8 good bra’s (who would’ve thunk it? Not me!) All the others seemed to be a good idea in various changing rooms but not so much in reality away from their magical mirrors 😂, where was I? Oh my list continues: a spare pair of shoes incase my main pair mysteriously go missing 😲…..oh and pajamas! I always forget pajamas 😂

Skincare products and things!

My morning routine has been worked down to one Neutrogena facial wash but I’m going to bring something extra just in case I’m not in the mood for it. Flannels, a towel (there will be some there but I’ll bring one just in case 😂), soap (my jelly baby soap!), period pads (incase I start, I don’t trust my body to always stick to a routine 😂), Deodorant, toothbrush (I need to remember to grab this on the morning that we leave after I use it!), toothpaste, a shaving razor (even though I’ve already shaved, my body works FAST to retrieve what it has lost! 🙄😂), perfume, shampoo, conditioner + my comb, shower gel and body lotion.

My blogging notebook + migraine diary and a few pens (knowing my luck the first one will run out of ink 😂).

My blogging notebook incase any inspiration comes my way and my migraine diary so I can continue to keep track of those particular flare-ups and try to notice any correlation!

My teddy bear (or cat as this is Bagpuss I’m talking about) 😂

I don’t care if my little cousins will make fun of me, I’ll throw it right back at them. Bagpuss helps me sleep! 😂

My glasses case

I always put my glasses in there whilst I sleep, if there’s anything I’m going to be forgetting it’s probably this as it’s one of those last minute things I have to grab but I NEED to remember it 😂

Medication + painkillers

Nothing much to say about them 😂


A pack of malted milk biscuits sometimes helps my smaller headaches (I have no idea why but it’s probably a sugar boost/some comfort food) so I’m bringing a pack of them & a bottle of MiWadi Summer Fruits which helps me get in my 2Litres of water a day!

That’s it for my suitcase! Here’s what I’m bringing in my bag to use on the boat + also when there 🎒

Mp3 player

This really helps time pass by on the boat 🎶

Phone charger + power bank

I have been numerous places and forgotten my phone which might sound like I good thing to some in that I must not be addicted to it if I can forget it so easily but when I’m watching my dad drive away after dropping me off at college and I have no way of telling him what time to pick me up after also forgetting to do so to his face…we’ve got a problem 😓 (I think the problem here is my memory! 😂).

Ginger beer + ginger biscuits

Godsends when you’re feeling seasick my friends! 🙌

A book to read

I’m not sure what one it will be at the moment. I think I’ll grab something I haven’t started yet and hope it’s a gooden 😂

Seasickness tablets + bracelets

The tablets will be taken before we leave but I’m putting them on this list so they won’t be forgotten! 😂 The bracelets are something I didn’t know existed up until a few years ago, they work alongside the tablets to help you in not feeling seasick and we’re gonna need all the help we can get! 😂

My handbag which will carry my purse, phone, glasses cleaners + spare hairbands and my passport (which I shouldn’t need but just to be safe! 😂).

My drinks bottle

I’m a growing gal so I gotta stay hydrated! 🌊

And there we go! PLEASE let me know if there’s anything important you think I’m missing out! Have you been/are you going on a holiday this year? Let me know in the comments & I hope you have/had an amazing time! 💫 I’m so excited for this holiday and to be seeing my family again (including two cute little additions…puppies! 😍 I’m in love with the photos I’ve seen so I can’t wait to meet them. Now I’m gonna have to love you and leave you, but I’ll see you soon! Thank you for taking the time to read this + have a beautiful day! 😊💖



  1. Such a good list! 😍 I also always use a travel list for travelling. I also bring some jewelry, hairbrush and make up too. I don’t know if you use that. Do you get sea sick? I also get that but thankfully I never take a boat only flights but that increase my anxiety so I also take meds and also have meds against nauseous. That feeling is horrible. I have only 5 bhs maybe u are the lucky one 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😆 No I don’t wear makeup but am glad I didn’t forget my hairbrush as my hair went wild 😂 I got seasick on the journey back home and it was horrible, has put me off the idea of going on a boat anytime in the near future 🙌😂

      Liked by 1 person

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