Summer Checklist Challenge: Free Printable!

Hello there! 💖 Today I’m coming at you with something I’ve been working very hard on….a free printable!! 🤣 The aim of the game is to tick the box of anything on the list that you manage to see or do this Summer and then when the season is over add up your points to get your score and compare it to the total amount of possible points (45) fun eh? 😂

I thought this would be a good idea as it kind of encourages you to get out and enjoy the season that bit more. I really hope you enjoy it! Click HERE to access the printable (if the link doesn’t work you might need to go onto my site and do it there instead of through the WordPress app).

As described in the printable itself: You get 2 points per thing that you do/see and 1 bonus point per thing listed underneath bonus points. Remember to check how you do out of 45 at the end (but most importantly remember to have fun and don’t feel like you have to do everything!).

Thank you for reading! I appreciate your constant support and hope you like the printable 😊 Be sure to let me know how you do with it! And have a wonderful day! 💖



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