A Fashion-Conscious Wolf

A flash of red crept by

over there, did you see it?

Between the green of the trees

something is trying to go by unnoticed.

A note of determination with a hint of fear hangs in the air

and quite frankly it smells divine.

A branch snaps and all goes still

I move in, dodging where she doesn’t.

She’s making the noise that scares her so

leading me to my next meal before turning into one too.

Although the free food is an extra I won’t decline,

It’s the fabric I want.

It flows, it bleeds

I could not believe my luck.

A fashion-conscious wolf is not what she came into the woods to find

but it’s what she’s leaving in.

Hey guys! What do you think of this? 😂 It came to me one evening when I was a bit out of it and just thinking what if the wolf in those Red Riding Hood stories is actually more interested in fashion than he is in food? Because he later disguises himself as Red’s grandmother and all that 🙈 Anyway! I hope you enjoyed the different take on it and be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day 😊💖



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