I’m Back!! Let’s “have” some coffee! #7 â˜•

Hi everyone! Brace yourselves….I’M BACK!!! (I think the “hi everyone” may have given the game away there 🤔😂). It feels so good to be typing out my mind’s thoughts again (but this time in a much clearer headspace). Let me tell you why! Without even knowing it at the time I chose to have a break in the perfect moment as no more than 3 days later it became apparent that I had pharyngitis 🤒

How I was feeling makes complete sense now as my mind was just blank and I put it down to being in a rut but now knowing that it was the virus manifesting and after experiencing the full throttle of it (patches in throat that made it difficult + painful to swallow, swollen glands in neck, a high fever and so on) I have come out the other side feeling much more awake and despite my chronic pain flare-ups still taking place I feel much more able to get things done now (including everything that I took the break to do in the first place 😅😂).

I thought the best way for us to catch up on what’s been going on would be to “have” coffee together! Like all of our past chats we will be hiding the fact that I can’t actually drink coffee by disguising a hot chocolate as one and keeping up the pretence 👍

In a hidden nook of a bustling cafe we are “having” coffee and I would start off by asking you how you’ve been? I’ve missed you sooooo much 🤗 Has anything happened since we last spoke to each other?

If we were “having” coffee I would let you know that I passed the accounting course I was doing! I’m very proud of how I did and have now been reversed back to that stage where I don’t know what I want to do next but I’m sure I’ll get to a point where I figure it out (I hope so anyway! 🤞😂). Have you ever been at that stage where you don’t know what to do? What did you do?? I honestly feel like I’m gonna not know for the rest of my life!

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that on the 8th of July my mum celebrated her birthday and I made her a cake! 🎂 It has been AGES since I’ve baked anything (I usually make savoury meals for lunch/dinner) but it went down really well and she had a lovely day! I’d say it was nice to have someone making her a cake instead of the other way round as she owns a cake business 😂

If we were “having” coffee I would ask you what the weather is like where you are? It’s sooo warm where I am in Ireland, I can’t handle it 😰

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that I’ve spent a lot of time with my friends recently and I’ve really enjoyed myself and made some good memories. The day before yesterday I went to my first ever festival (Indiependence in Cork) and it was a lot of fun. My friend and I traveled over to Cork which was a 3 hour drive to stay in an apartment where I would meet her friends (which I was VERY nervous about but they were all so nice).

…The festival featured Lewis Capaldi and Bastille (it was my third time seeing them and I couldn’t stop thinking that the last time I saw them I was meeting them here 😵😂). I think it was the perfect first festival to have as it wasn’t too big in comparison to other festivals (there was a little over 11,000 people I think). Oh and I also got to go on a ferris wheel for the first time too! I started to have a painful flare-up early on so we had to sit through Bastille after standing for the rest of it and right now I’m recovering because of it but it was worth it!

…I have loads of memories as this was my first time in Cork, we got breakfast in the morning at a place called the Dulce bun house (pancakes with icing sugar and berries + a peppermint tea) and did a spot of shopping (they have ALL of the good shops that aren’t around where I live 😂 I got a bullet journal as I really want to start one so if you have any tips throw them my way!). We also had a near death experience when we were driving home but I won’t go into that, it has certainly made me view things a bit differently (I’m still here to tell the story so all is well!). I will post pictures of all that went on when I write about the festival at the end of the month in my August Favourite’s (because it is definitely one of them! 😆).

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that I have scheduled loads of blog posts (a little over 70 to be more exact!!! Like HOW?? 😂). I NEVER thought this would happen back when my mind was a blank canvas but you’ve got some good stuff coming your way if I do say so myself 😏😂 If you’re ever in a rut, DON’T give up, a break where you focus on other things and have a good rest might be all you need to get back into the blogging swing! 💖

If we were having “coffee” I would tell you something really random…I got a new suitcase for my holiday over to England at the end of this month and it has a combination lock on it that had been fiddled with in the store so I had to count down from 999 to 078 (that’s what it was before I reset it)…I would have saved myself a lot of trouble by counting up instead of down but ah well 😂

If we were “having” coffee I would ask you if you’re going or have gone anywhere nice this season? 🌍 I hope you had an incredible time and the weather wasn’t unexpectedly bad!

Thank you for joining me for “coffee” guys! 😉😂 If we were “having” coffee what would you tell me and what would you be drinking? ☕ I hope you have a great day, take care ❤️

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