My favourite interior designs of 2019!

Hi everyone! In today’s post I will be sharing my current favourite interior design trends and having a chat about why I like each of them! This post is a sponsored collaboration with Chill Insurance and was inspired by their campaign: Putting a Twist on Father Ted’s Living Room!

As a lil extra I decided to set myself the task of finding an item per room theme in their post linked above (which you should definitely check out as this will make a whole lot more sense if you do πŸ˜‚) so as to show how relevant the trends featured are and just how easy it is to come across them when out and about (In a one stop shop to be precise…those of you who are here often can probably guess what store I’m talking about πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚). My findings are at the very end of this posts so read on if you know what’s good for you! For now, here are my favourite interior design trends of 2019:


Photo by Ifrah Akhter on Unsplash

Velvet adds a touch of luxury to any room and with there being so many types (silk velvet, cotton velvet, crushed velvet etc.) there are loads of options to choose from that will suit all kinds of surroundings. I’m quite a fan of crushed velvet and my beds headboard + alternating cushions are sporting the look!


Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

I LOVE how structural geometric pieces look and how each element in the room can add up and work together to become something truly astounding. Sharp edges and shapes speak volumes that would not have the same effect if they were covered up and hidden away. The patterns involved in some furnishings can always be relied upon to make a room look distinctive and unique.


Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Here is one that is in Chill Insurance’s campaign already (I would never forgive myself if I left it out of my favourites though πŸ˜‚). I would love to incorporate more Bohemian aspects into my room by adding contrasting colours and creating a busy yet relaxing and homely atmosphere with ornaments, art and seemingly a place for everything with meaning behind forefront details.

Millennial Pink

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

This is something I would never have believed I would like despite having a millennial pink bedroom (there is a huge contradiction in there somewhere but it was painted when I was 6! πŸ˜‚) but I think that this trend is super pretty and it’s elegant without even trying (especially when paired with gold like the legs of the chair in the picture above).


Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

In my opinion, copper used in small amounts like as bases for light fixtures creates a bold statement and stands out whilst fitting in.


Photo by Christelle Bourgeois on Unsplash

Yellow (or more so it’s mustard counterpart) is something that is still going strong in 2019 after previous years of preference. It has to be my all time favourite colour because it reminds me of Autumn which also happens to be my favourite season (there’s a lot of favouritism going on here and I don’t hate it! πŸ˜‚). It’s such a bright yet calming colour and I get the feeling it won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

To conquer the challenge mentioned above I took a trip to my local Tk Maxx and found something that suited each theme featured in Chill Insurance’s post (bet you wish you’d read it now! Go on, go back and do it πŸ˜‚). Here are the designs and their corresponding items:


When I researched “Bohemian” before heading off to the shops I found that it meant a somewhat busy interior customized with random items that relate to a musical/hippy lifestyle and when I saw this glass skull I thought that it suited the theme perfectly being artistic and over the top.

Living Walls

If I were to try incorporate the living walls theme into my life (let alone my sitting room πŸ˜‚) I would choose a fabric rendition of it as not only is it super stylish but my sister has lots of allergies so the real thing wouldn’t do! I like how this pouffe/beanbag has a summery air about it yet would suit any season when placed in the right surroundings.


I knew what to look out for when I saw this theme next on my list and it wasn’t long before I found it! (There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t as industrial designs are very easy to come across in home stores). These photo frames will blend in so they won’t look sharp and out of place, I’m in love with them!


Now this theme was the only one that I was worried about and yet I had no need to be! This candelabra was the first thing I saw as soon as I walked into the store and I instantly believed that it’s elegance captured the spirit of the Mid-Century perfectly!

Modern Country

With a modern Country style it is very easy to find something that suits every room and although I was torn in wondering whether or not this unit is retro or modern I came to the conclusion that retro is coming back so it’s basically modern too πŸ˜‚ I like how it looks like the legs holding it up can’t support it yet it remains sturdy, homely and rustic.

Hollywood Glamour

Last but by no means least, Hollywood Glamour will never go out of fashion so anything that is purchased is basically a long term investment and worth every penny! πŸ˜‚ These vases would look great sat on the ground beneath a fireplace filled with potpourri.

Disclaimer: This post was a sponsored collaboration and all opinions featured are my own.

Thank you for reading! πŸ˜‰ What are your favourite design trends this year? Let me know in the comments and have a lovely day! ❀️

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    1. Haha I hope you can make him see the beauty of the velvet dining chairs…or just get them and he’ll have to get used to them! πŸ˜‚ Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment ❀️


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