The Audience

The audience like to be told they are the loudest

the best

irreplaceable and not to be found anywhere else unlike the rest.

Representing their country and yet how would you know where I’m from?

So far away on that stage lapping up the attention

I’m trying to figure out what you lack

an encore doesn’t bring you back

your contract does.

Hi everyone, thank you for reading! I would love to hear what you believe this poem is about. For me it could be seen as an audience to a musician/actor or somebody who acts out as part of their personality playing up to those around them and generally just being fake. In the past when I’ve asked for your thoughts you have really made me think about the things I write in a different light and I LOVE that so fire away 🔥 and have a beautiful day! 😂💖


  1. Beautiful poem 💕 Maybe it is about the audience of an artist which isn’t as the artist. The artist has a different personality than the audience but the artist want to try to inspire the audience to be themselves and not be like society tells them to be. I hope this make some sense

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    1. Thank you so much! 💖 Ahhh I never thought of it that way! I love that perspective on it where the artist isn’t really being mean and is just trying to prove a point about how the audience shouldn’t confirm to the norm and be how he/she is. Thank you for sharing that! 😄

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