Blogging lessons I have learned!

Hi hi hi! Don’t worry I’m not on repeat today (although I am in the mood to annoy so that would be fun 😂). I have been blogging here at Elsie LMC since December 2016 and in that time I have learnt some valuable lessons that I will surely carry with me for as long as I continue on this mad venture. Many of the following are lessons that popped into my brain as soon as a wrong turn was made and I’m quick to remind myself of them whenever I’m in need of a good affirmation. Here are some blogging lessons I have learned:

Not to give up

Because you never know what is around the corner. Good or bad, I want to be there to learn from the mistakes and celebrate the victories. Lately my mood has been all over the place and my blog has been hit by that so remembering not to give up has been very important.

To ask for a summary when an author wants me to review their book

Just so I can get a small insight into whether or not the book will be my cup of tea and if I want to read it or not. I know, I know it’s common knowledge to some but when I get asked to do a review I get all excited first and don’t really think of the important questions straight away so I have learned to slow down the process and go about it the right way 😂

That taking a break isn’t a downfall, it’s essentially the best thing you can do for yourself

Burnout is real and it’s important to listen to your mind when it’s telling you it needs a little downtime. You can come back whenever you want and you’ll feel a whole lot better for it!

That there are going to be haters

Especially when you start to progress (the buggers seem to come out of hiding then 😂). See my post about online hate HERE.

Not to compare my blog to others

I’m still learning not to do this but it is highly difficult even away from the blog (in feeling like I am far behind where I should be in life because of my chronic illness).

That it’s okay to grow and change

Looking back on old blog posts I feel like a different person and when I first noticed this it knocked me sideways as I didn’t want to change and I didn’t know if it was for better or worse. It’s taken some time to realize that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it’s a sign of growth and that you’ve taken on board all that you’ve been through and are using it to make yourself a stronger person.

Thank you for reading! 😉 What blogging lessons have you learned? C’mon share your wisdom! Have a lovely day ❤️

If you have time to spare, please check out my what are your assumptions about me? post and contribute by getting in touch! I would love to hear from you and it would mean so much 😄



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