Bookworms pet peeves! 📚

Hello there! 👋 Do you love books? (if your answer is “who couldn’t?” then I’ll tell you, you’re off to a great start!), Could you imagine your life without being able to inhabit that of many other characters? (If your answer is no, don’t worry you’re not an alien 👽😂 you’re a BOOKWORM and you better believe it!).

Bookworms are the best kind of people out there (I should know, I’m one of em 😏😂) but we do (like most) have our pet peeves and today I’m going to be talking all about them (feel free to join me in the comments!). Here are our pet peeves:

People who bend pages

Why oh why must people do this!? (I know it’s to remember what page you’re on but for the love of all things good in life use a bookmark PLEASE!).

Someone who licks the page before they turn it…

oh and did I mention that you lent them the book? Well you did! Oh the horror 😨

Writing in books

I get that when its a book you’re studying you might need to write in it but don’t go handing it over to the charity shop when you’re done with it thinking people want to see your scribbles ruining it! (Oh yes, I went there 😏😂).

Incorrect spelling

Lately I’ve been finding a lot of incorrect spelling in books and it’s made me think I’ve only gone and bought the one book that wasn’t printed correctly 😂

Someone flicking the pages when they’re bored

I’m like “umm you’re gonna break the spine” but no one is really listening because they’re not bookworms like us! 😂

Not having enough space in your bookcase(s)

But do not fear! This is when unexpectedly other items became an add on to your bookcase(s) without even thinking they were gonna be. The top of my writing desk, you’ve got it: books! The top of my other desk that slopes at the top into a shelf is a book haven now too! I was contemplating putting books on a shelf above my bed but my mum stopped me by reminding me that it wasn’t stable and would probably crush me in my sleep 😬 (minor deficit in my plans there 😂).

When your bags too small to carry your book

Time for a new bag me thinks! 😕 (It’s the only solution 😂).

Getting all comfortable in bed (or anywhere really) with your book and then suddenly needing to go to the toilet

There’s nothing like a mundane moment like this to remind you that you’re human after a book has tried to convince you otherwise 😂

Being precise about whether or not you like your books pushed back into the bookcase or all neatly arranged at the very front and then someone just comes and changes it all saying they are “fixing” it

It was perfectly fine before they went and messed it all up 😂 I used to like my books up front but now I have them pushed to the back because people kept brushing up against them and they ended up that way anyway (the change was inevitable 😂).

Spilling something on your book and then having to leave it to dry so it goes all crinkly

Urgh it’s like nails going down a chalk board 😫 The amount of bookish relationships that have gone down the drain because I no longer loved the pages when they were damaged goods (that doesn’t sound very nice but it’s true! 😂).

Not being able to get your claws on the next installment of a series

The world might as well end here and now because it’s not worth living if I can’t find out what happened to that character!

Lending someone a book and fearing you’ll never see it again

And you never even got to say a proper goodbye 😧

Thank you for reading! 😉 What are your bookworm pet peeves? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤️

If you have time to spare, please check out my what are your assumptions about me? post and contribute by getting in touch! I would love to hear from you and it would mean so much 😄



    1. Isn’t it horrible! I’ll admit that sometimes its interesting when I get a second hand book and find a page bent, it makes me think that the person who owned it read up to this point and I’m reading past it and finding out more than they did in the story if that makes sense 😂 Thank you so much!! 😄💖

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