April Favourite’s 2019

HELLO! (there’s nothing like starting a post by shouting in your face, it sets the scene 😂). It’s time for another round of my monthly favourites (Ding! Ding!…do you get it?…round…boxing…do I even get it? I don’t know anymore 😂).

These posts have become a highlight of my month (they are a favourite in themselves!). April was a month that I feel my favourites really reflected what was going on so it’s nice looking back over them and reliving each moment. Without further ado, here is basically what I have to show for it all 😂:

Having family stay over

My aunts and my two little cousins came to stay at the very beginning of the month and it was so nice seeing them all again (I was relieved my cousin’s hadn’t really changed as I had been worried they had grown up fast but they were exactly the same! 😌). We had a day at the beach, a trip to the cinema, a few shopping sprees and ventures around an arcade before they left. The house feels very empty now that they are gone and I’m still getting used to not hearing their voices around the place.

Twin Peaks merch haul 🛍️

Last month merchandise arrived that I ordered at the very end of March and I was VERY happy about it (so much that I’m planning on dedicating a post to it all very soon and I will be talking a lot more about each item then!).

Dumbo 🐘

This was such a cute but sad movie and the whole way through I was angry at the way the animals were being treated but without giving too much away (or really anything by the looks of it 😂) I really enjoyed the ending and was pleased with the way things turned out.

New pair of pajamas

These are very Spring-like with daisy’s and patchwork and I love them right now! (Plus they are very cooling as it is so warm at the moment).

Nivea creme care cleansing wash

Recently all I’ve been using on my face is either body lotions or facial wipes (bad I know! 😂). In a step in the direction of taking better care of my skin I treated myself to this product and have found it to be brilliant so far!

The Cambridge confectionery company: Eton mess chocolate square

This tasted so GOOD! I wish there was such a thing as taste-vision so you guys could have it too 😂

All the books I got in my “I’ve been waiting for this book haul!

I’m leaping from one book to the next in this haul because I can’t seem to hold one down 😂 When they’re all finished I’m thinking of doing a bulk review on them which should be interesting as they are all very different.

Zara trafaluc pink t-shirt

This was only €5.99 (but that’s not the only reason I got it I swear! 😂). It’s not everyday I wear (or even own) something so bright but I’ve already broken this one out on many occasions and haven’t had to wear a jacket because of the weather and it’s really stood out and felt perfect for the weather.

Woobamboo! Toothbrush

I needed a new toothbrush and I’ve seen these more environmentally friendly ones a lot recently so I thought I would grab one and start a future trend for myself!

Easter goodies 🐣

Easter seemed to zoom by this year and it was an eventful Sunday as my sister set up an egg hunt for our parents in the garden which was hilarious to watch. I also received the eggs/chocolates in the photo above and they are all gone now 😏😂

Trevor Sorbie salon Tame & Define shampoo for frizzy hair

I needed some shampoo or should I say I always need shampoo (we never seem to run out of conditioner but that didn’t stop me from trying to look for a matching set to this one…I couldn’t find it but I suppose I left with what I really needed 😂).

Jumpsuits by Patrons of Peace

These jumpsuits were both €22.99 and were the two items I chose out of a load of stuff I tried on (thank God or I’d be broke right now 😂). I’m planning on wearing the first one to a festival I’m going to later this year (my first ever music festival!). It seems to be very comfortable for the long train journey planned and I’m buzzing already (Got a couple months to go so I need to calm down before I take off 😂).

Thank you for reading! 😉 What were your April Favourites? Let me know and have a beautiful day! 💖

If you have time to spare, please check out my what are your assumptions about me? post and contribute by getting in touch! I would love to hear from you and it would mean so much 😄



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