Window-shopping: Easter is coming! ðŸ£

Hi everyone! Last week I took a trip to Tk Maxx (AKA heaven on Earth! 😂 Check out my post on the reasons why I love them HERE) and saw that they now have their Easter spread out so I decided to take some photos of all the stuff to show you just how beautiful it all looked. I like to think of it as window-shopping through the blog! 😂 This is completely different to a haul type post as I didn’t buy all of the stuff (I will show you what I did buy at the very end! 👀), these are just the themed things that caught my attention and were deservant of a pic or two!

Everything was all so cute! 😍 Rabbits were here, there and everywhere (it wasn’t creepy at all! 😂).

Glitter bunnies! The stuff comes off on your fingers like there’s no tomorrow but it’s very pretty to look at and that’s all that matters I suppose 😂 Nestled in the middle was also a very sophisticated looking rabbit standing on it’s two hind legs that was fancy looking 💃

I loved the delicate wreath adorned with eggs of various colours. All is in keeping with the pastel shades of the season and I’m loving it!

You can imagine each of the dolls being treasured by a child and the bunny cake stands being the centre of attention at a tea party (mmmm tea 🤤 tea to me is like donuts to Homer Simpson 🍩😂).

Dainty little painted eggs to hide around the garden and basket upon basket to place them in.

Hidden in every so often there would be a llama ornament which made me laugh.

And last but not least here is what I got:

Three of the cutest rabbits! The middle one is a delicate porcelain and is neatly painted with thin lines that make it look like it was put together piece by piece. It is carrying a big green bag and I’m still trying to decide what to place in it! The two little bunnies accompanying it are gorgeous silky colours and I can’t stop myself from looking at them.

Thank you for reading! 😉 Do you like rabbits? (Fun fact: I used to have a pet rabbit called Dennis and he was a real menace! 😂 Anything in the store catch your attention? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤️

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