Thoughts behind the wheel! 🚗

Hi everyone! Hope you’re well? ❤️ I mentioned on my February favourites that I recently started taking driving lessons and so far it’s going quite well, I have my ups and downs but I’m trying to keep positive. I’m glad the test is a long way off as I still have a lot to learn let me tell you! 😂 I once did a post all about my thoughts when I can’t sleep called thinking is easier than sleeping and I thought it would be fun to let you back into my minds process when I’m driving so today that is what I’m going to do! Here are my thoughts when driving:

• There is a zebra crossing over there so why is that person darting across the road here? 😵

• I can’t stop putting a hell of amount of pressure on the accelerator!!

• How am I doing this? (Something usually goes wrong when I think this 😂)

• Oh my God, I just braked in the middle of the road 😰 this is so embarrassing 🙈

• If that person decides to run across the road this could be the beginning or the end of my driving experience.

• I need a car beside me to judge the distance when parking otherwise this isn’t going to work

• “don’t stare at the person over taking you, don’t stare at the person over taking you, don’t stare at the person over taking you” has become my mantra

• You’ve navigated the roundabout and are now allowed to breath 😌

• “Why am I going at a snail’s pace” can turn into “I’m going too fast” there is literally no in between 😂

• Does the orange light mean get ready or slow down? 😲

• When was the last time I wasn’t holding my breath?

• Driving is like that time I was walking beside a river and every time I looked at the view I’d go off walking towards the water in a daze 😂

• Can that car behind me back off a bit and mind this cars personal space? 😂

• Can I get a medal? No? Okay, survival is enough 🙌

Thank you for reading guys! 😉 What goes through your head when you’re driving? I’d love to know! Have a lovely day! ❤️

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