Hi everyone! Despite the title of this post being written in capitals (does it hurt anyone else to write like that? It felt like I was shouting 😬😂) loud writing to me isn’t necessarily noisy. It is something that speaks volumes, words that feel and shout out in a whole other way. Things like poetry and meaningful quotes are loud to me because I come away with something: inspiration, motivation, emotion.

Loud writing can mean different things for everyone and the possibilities are often endless. You know it when you see it and it’s unforgettable. Forever embedded in a part of your mind making you see the world you do, formulating your opinion.

It can break boundaries and show people the way they must go. It can make you question and fight for the greater good, pushing you to do what is right. It is very easy to be pulled in by loud writing (it’s so hard not to write that in capitals 😂), it’s like there is some underlying force trying to show you something, something very important. And what that is? I won’t even try to tell you because I think you already know.

Sometimes you can go a while not having writing be loud and it is a hella frustrating but you’ve got to remember that loud writing isn’t easy to write but it is being written everyday and the path will soon appear. You will see it again in life and it is there for a reason, you might even find it in your own writing.

When you see it you have to believe it and what comes next will be epic. Don’t let it pass you by, whatever you do. It is powerful but it doesn’t control your perception of it so be open to it and wonderful things will happen. Go ahead, inspire and be inspired ✨

Thank you for reading this! What is loud writing to you? Let me know and have a wonderful day! ❤️

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