March Favourite’s 2019

Hi everyone! ❤️ It’s official, March is no more! And although that irreversible fact is true and a lil bit sad the month did bring some welcome fav’s to add to my list so I can’t complain (oh but I will 😂). I spent the majority of the month barely scraping through various flare-ups of my migraines + the flu so I’m glad there is still something to show for it!

I’m hoping April will shed a light on what direction I should go in next health wise but I can’t move on until I share with you what made my month now can I? 😂 So let’s do it, here are my March Favourite’s:

Three Easter rabbits

I am in awe of how cute these ornaments are and they have take up pride of place ontop of my desk 😍 I have a post coming up very soon featuring them! The two small bunnies have a glossy sheen and the large one is coated with intricate detailed lines covering it all over so that it looks more fragile than it actually is.

Bomb cosmetics: Jelly baby shaped soap

Can I just started by saying how cute this is! Now that’s done, I will go on to say how gorgeous it smells! 😂 Not at all as sickly sweet a scent as you would think a jelly baby soap would be but more so soft and calming. I can’t get enough of the scent that this soap is infused with, I just wish I knew the name of it! The sticker that was on it said that it was infused with essences but what essences!? I suppose we’ll never know 😂 I just have to make it last or else I fear I’ll never smell anything like it again 😱

Pancake bites 🥞

These are small little pancake discs from Tesco that didn’t last long enough for a photo 😏😂 I LOVED them with a sprinkling of sugar after heating them up for breakfast and after discovering that we didn’t have any lemon to put on them I found they were somewhat infused with the taste of lemon anyway. I need more! 😋

A relaxing Sunday morning 🏖️

My mum, sister and I went to a place called Pebbles Cafe for breakfast and it was so cozy and cute!

I got a poached eggs with ham and hollandaise sauce on a bagel 😋 It was scrumptious (I haven’t said that in ages so I’m bringing it back 😂). We then went for a walk on the beach and had a lot of fun just seeing who could do stone skimming on the ocean (none of us could sadly enough 😂). After that we stopped off at a couple stores and I got some flower bulbs to plant at the front of the house as the flowers have died there (I didn’t expect this conversation to end on the note of death 😕😂).

Lacura miracle cream

This is supposed to aid in the relief of irritation and after recently having a bad spate of sore skin (which I wrote about in my skincare wish list) I decided to give it a go! It is a bright orange in colour and is also said to help redness, soften cracked lips and leave skin feeling delicate and revitalized and I think it does all of the above! (I would have taken a picture of it in the box had I not sat on it within seconds of reminding myself it was there 🙈😂).


My sister and I are OBSESSED with Heroes! We are currently halfway through season 3 and the twists and turns constantly have us on edge. If you haven’t seen Heroes before I cannot recommend it enough! It’s about a bunch of people who all discover that they have powers and how they cope with that whilst villains arise (I’m not describing it well but I’m trying! 😂). Have you seen Heroes? Can we talk about it as that is all I want to do lately?

Bastille concert and meeting Dan Smith! 🎶

This will go down as one of the best and almost worst days of my life 😂 You can read all about what went on HERE!

Lacura charcoal cleaning mudmask

This balances problem prone skin and helps promote healthy skin so I was intrigued to give it a go! We only just realized after getting it that it’s not supposed to be used on sensitive skin but we didn’t want to waste it so I tried it on a small patch first to test it before applying the full thing and it’s actually really good! The most difficult part is washing it off after wards 😂 I started to go a bit red but that was only because I scrubbed it off with a flannel a bit roughly and after that my skin was super soft!

Bomb cosmetics: pink elephants & lemonade bath bomb

I’m slowly but surely making my way through the bomb cosmetics hamper my sister got me for my birthday HERE and alongside the jelly baby soap above, this bath bomb did not let the brand down! It turned the bath pink and I got to keep the plastic floating elephant on top (yay for unexpected freebies! 😂).

Winning Kittyp0p’s giveaway!

I’m SO SO happy that I won a giveaway 🤣🤣 and I can’t wait to get it in the post (it’ll be nice to receive something other than doctors letters tbh 😂).

Simply Food meals

My sister got a tester box for Simply Food which contained her choice of 4 meal sets & 3 flavour pods per dish. One of the recipes she chose was Katsu curry and it was GOOD 😋 We are yet to try the others but I will be sure to let you know when we do!

Gardening 🌱

Last but not least I got out and did some gardening (there was a light breeze and it felt like a proper Spring!). I planted Dwarf Lucifers at the front of our house and they are yet to grow but I am making sure I water them every day 🏵️ (I’m a fabulous plant parent 😂).

Thank you for reading guys! 😉 What were your favourites throughout March? Let me know and have a beautiful day! ❤️

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