My top 20 tips for period pain!

Hi everyone! I asked on Instagram what you guys wanted to read and the response for this post was amazing so today I’m going to be chatting away about periods, yes that’s right, periods πŸ‘ I see that has sent some people running for the hills and so be it, everyone is different. I personally don’t get the taboo surrounding periods. They are an element of life if you get them and shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment for anyone.

For many (like myself) the pain can be excruciating and you’re left feeling helpless caught up in the storm of it all once that time of the month crawls along. Today I’m hoping to change that a lil bit. If you’re lucky enough to not get the pain then good for you but then again you might be on the lookout for tips to help a loved one so feel free to read on! A lot is common sense but I thought it would be a good idea to have it all written down in one place so here we go with my top 20 tips for period pain:

1. Lay back and don’t scrunch up!

Spread out and I know it’s easier said than done when you’re in pain but try not to clench your stomach too much its better to just let it flow and not block it’s path by laying at an odd angle (whoever said I was discreet about these things…um no one πŸ˜‚).

2. Drink loads of water

To keep hydrated so that you don’t pass out and also to facilitate the blood that your body is loosing.

3. Put a cold flannel to your forehead + hold something cold to your stomach

To cool you down and to sooth your attention away from any pain. Be sure not to press down too hard on your stomach though just gently hold it there (for example a pack of frozen food).

4. Eat healthily

Sugary & salty foods are craved but will in fact worsen the stomach cramps so stick to healthy foods. Stuff like bananas, leafy greens and fish are really good when it comes to helping the pain.

5. Take painkillers

Sometimes this can’t be helped so take something as soon as you feel the pain (don’t wait for it to get worse) and it will get washed out of your body anyway when you drink water!

6. Hold a hot water bottle

Hot water bottles are life! Studies have shown that the heat can actually stop the pain response in relation to stomach cramps so unless you don’t own one there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t clutch one for dear life (unless it’s a really warm day in which case I don’t envy you girl! πŸ˜‚).

7. Drink herbal fluids

Many have cleansing properties that naturally help you get through the pain e.g Ginger tea, green tea, chamomile and peppermint 🍡

8. Clasp a helping hand

Having a hand to squeeze can really help 🀝

9. Keep track & be prepared

Know the roundabouts times that you are due to start and have your essentials stocked up.

10. Exercise

Now this is something that you most likely won’t want to be doing at this point in time but when you’re not on your period make a conscious effort to exercise whenever possible as the smallest amount can make all the difference.

11. Get as comfortable as possible

Stay in your pajamas if you can and surrounded yourself with soft textured material like cushions and blankets that will act as a pillow to your body and also a source of relief from the stress of it all.

12. Breathe slowly

In through your nose and out through your mouth. Make sure you aren’t rushing yourself and take in as much air as possible so as to use your lungs to their full capacity and not waste the opportunity to calm yourself down even if it feels like you’re as calm as can be already.

13. Close your eyes

You’re a sensitive thing at times like these and the light can trigger that so close your eyes from the strain as you complete a breathing exercise.

14. Hug a pillow

I don’t know where my memory foam pillow came from but I’m not complaining when I need it the most! πŸ˜‚ Be a koala for once in your life! 🐨

15. Keep track of time

I know thereabouts the amount of time the worse part of the pain will go on for because of keeping track of it in the past. Doing so helps me to keep calm and know that it will come to an end.

16. Put on a good film or pop your headphones on for a distraction 🎧

Easier said than done I know but desperate times call for desperate measures!

17. Moan

Let it all out (no pun intended πŸ™„πŸ˜‚).

18. Have a bowl close by

Just in case you’re sick as I don’t know about you but I most certainly need it at that time of the month! 😷

19. Stock up on vitamins, minerals and herbs

Stuff like primrose oil which I take every day can reduce the amount of pain you feel so damn much! Others include magnesium which soothes the muscle of the uteris and also calcium to name a few. Do your research and you could fight the pain before it even arrives!

20. Go with it

Sometimes you know it’s all you can do sadly enough. It will come to an end and hopefully be more bearable next time.

Thank you for reading lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it to be helpful! πŸ˜‰ Have you got any more tips for period pain? Go ahead and share your secrets in the comments, it could be the one thing that helps someone else out there. Take care and have a beautiful day ❀️


  1. This post is so important and so helpful! πŸ’—πŸ™ Thank you so much. I have always so much pain and also before I have PMS. Last night I already felt cramps like 11 days before period. I take paracetamol and also Aleve Feminax which is a Dutch medicine with Naproxen. That’s my wonder medicine that makes me survive and the cramps go away. I also like to listen to music, watch a movie or serie and shower. It relax me. It’s so important to talk about periods and I also don’t understand the taboo as it’s natural and human to have periods. I also feel nauseous with my period but nothing happens just that feeling is bad. I always eat less to be careful.

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