Hearty Winter Breakfast Ideas!

Hi everyone! How are you keeping? ❤️ While we are still in the throws of Winter (well here in Ireland we are anyway! ❄️😂) I thought it would be a good idea to share a list of some hearty Winter foods suitable for breakfast that I go between when I’m trying to stop myself from just grabbing a belvita or a nature valley bar in the morning rush 😂 The following is a list that I can go to when I’m at a loss as to what’s on offer and I hope it can be of some help or at the very least make you hungry 🤤😂 so without further ado here goes everything!

Pancakes 🥞

I had no idea there was a pancake emoji (it makes me crave them more! 😂). Pancakes are like breakfast and dessert rolled into one aren’t they? Check out my recipe for chocolate face patterned pancakes HERE, they were so yummy! I like to add cinnamon to the mix or sometimes on top for a sharp twist in flavour.

French toast 🍞

Ahh this wakes me right up and I enjoy making it just as much as I do eating it 😂 I tried french toast for the first time last year and honestly haven’t looked back since as it is so tasty and a real change from plain toast.

Spaghetti hoops on toast 🍅

Because I can’t not include it! Baked beans occasionally make my list but in comparison to spaghetti hoops I have them nowhere near as much! They usually leave me full until lunch so I don’t have to go in search of a quick snack in between which is always a bonus!

Egg and soldiers 🍳

My soldiers are Riveta (which is a crunchy rye cracker delicious when lightly buttered 😋) and it’s always a real treat to prepare and then dip into the egg! I’ll admit I’m still trying to master the perfect dippy egg and sometimes it comes out slightly more cooked than I want it to be but it is always still yummy!

Overnight oats or porridge

A proper stodgy food that you know is healthy and will keep up your energy levels until lunch time! I’ve been having porridge a lot lately but my mind still drifts back to the overnight oats I made HERE that I cannot possibly leave off this list!

Toast with marmalade

My favourite marmalade at the moment is lemon 🍋 because it tastes so fresh and compliments toast and a mug of tea so well ☕ We bought orange marmalade a while back so I’m going to be giving that a try pretty soon but I get the feeling it won’t beat lemon!

Thank you for reading! 😉 What is your number one breakfast? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤️


  1. Delicious ideas for a nice breakfast 💕 I usually eat pancakes for dinner but they are perfectly fine for breakfast aswell. I like a not so strong breakfast. I love a toast with strawberry mermelade and a cup of tea or glass of water. I also sometimes drink orange juice. I also like a scrambled egg for breakfast. It’s so delicious!

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