12 days of Xmas 2018: Day 11 РMy 2018 resolutions revisited!ʉϬ

Hi elf-ryone! 💚 Today just so happens to be the 11th day of 12 days of Xmas and I am taking a trip down memory lane revisiting my goals for 2018 (which you can find HERE). It feels so strange looking back on them and I can remember sitting in the same seat as I am now coming up with them and not knowing how they would go. It’s safe to say that 2018 was a good one for me but with that said I’ll admit there’s more that I can’t remember than I can 😂

Blogging Goals

Take more blogging breaks

I think I took 2 blogging breaks which isn’t that bad considering I didn’t think I could bring myself to take any 🤷😂

Know when to step back from things that bring stress

Sometimes I haven’t and I had to learn the hard way that I should have listened to gut feelings but a few times I did. A lot of the time I’ve realized that some stress is good in keeping me going and the end result is worth it, it’s all very tricky! 😂

Do more reviews!

I did a lot of book and product reviews so this one went well! I also learned that I don’t have to do a review on everything and am way down that route now so if I were to change my mind there would be a LOT to catch up on 😂

Life Goals:

Live life as close to the full as I can + make a bucketload of memories

I’m going to revisit these two together and say that so many things happened in my life and with my blog this year! I went to a lot of concerts that were out of my comfort zone and although I haven’t conquered the fear of them and being socially anxious there I didn’t say no to things as much as I have beforehand out of fear which is amazing!

Blogwise I got the opportunity to write two posts for a shopping centre called Bridgewater and also attended my first ever bloggers event!

Live in the here and now

I often find this hard to do but I mostly walked away from situations feeling like I had made the most that I could have out of them given how I was feeling inside. I put myself down a lot less about this than I used to and in turn have kind of built myself up to not be so nervous knowing how I’ll feel when in certain places and what I can expect of myself.

I’ve realised that the moments I try so hard to live in are looked at that way (higher than my other moments) because I see them as an escape so maybe if I try to stop thinking of the moment as an escape and in turn place more unnecessary pressure on them than maybe I might live in the them more through treating them normal and like any other moment. I’ve gotta treat it like: It’s a moment and I’m in in it, therefore I’m living in it no more or less (like seriously, lightbulb! 💡😂).

Read like the wind!

I read 33 books in 2018 😮 Not too shabby me thinks! 😂 I was hoping to read a lot more than that but overall I’m pleased with the amount.

Thank you for reading! 😉 You can find the rest of the 12 days of Xmas posts so far HERE! 🎄 I don’t know if I’ll make new years resolutions for 2019 🤔 I might do so privately and see how they go. Did you have any new years resolutions? I hope they went well for you! Take care and have a lovely day 💚

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