12 days of Xmas 2018: Day 10 – Things to do on Christmas Eve!

Hi elf-ryone! 💚 Today is the 10th day of 12 days of Xmas and just so happens to be the day before Christmas Eve so I thought it would be fun to think of stuff you can do tomorrow in the lead up to the big day! 🤣… That’s if you actually want to do something as I’ve had those years when I’ve wanted time to go slower so that it can last forever and have tried to do nothing before giving in and resorting to this list 😂 let’s just get straight to it shall we?

Any last minute wrapping

Double wrap if you want too! 😂 It’ll be like a one person pass the parcel. (Of course only do this if you have leftover materials to do so with though (I’m all about the waste..🤔😑 I mean I’m all about NOT being waistful! 🙄😂).

Tidy up under the tree

I can’t tell you how many times this gets done on Christmas Eve! But it never gets old I’ll tell you that! 🎄 Pile everything up in order of who it’s for/from!

Listen the life out of Christmas FM

Or make/listen to a festive playlist! There are so many Christmas songs out there, why not listen to some that are unfamiliar and be on the lookout for a new favourite!?

Prepare some of Christmas dinner in advance

There’s always something to do and it means that the person who usually cooks Christmas dinner will get to take a break and spend more time with everyone else on the day!

Snuggle up under layer upon layer of blankets with a hot chocolate

Always a fun thing to do and what with all that wrapping + tidying up you deserve it 😂👍

Stay in your pajamas

Or better still have out a brand new pair of pajamas to wear especially on Christmas Eve 🤗 This is something I want to get into doing every year as it sounds like the perfect way to tell yourself you’re in until Christmas is over and what’s been done has been done! 😂

Lay out your stocking

There’s nothing wrong with being ready! 😂 I actually can’t find mine so I need to go on the hunt for it quickfast 🌪️

Eat mince pies

I think I’ve gone back to not liking the insides of mince pies so much but there’s always the pastry to eat with custard 😋 (take that as you choose 😂).

Have a Christmas movie marathon

Now this my friends is the epitome of Christmas Eve! Watch all the old faithfuls and gather up some new ones, relax back and soak up all the festive feels! 📽️

Thank you for reading! 😉 You can find the rest of the 12 days of Xmas posts so far HERE! 🎄 How do you spend Christmas Eve? Let me know and have a great day 💚

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    1. That’s a shame but the chocolate more than makes up for it! 😂🎄 I managed to start a few movies but something would always pull me away from seeing the end of them. Thank you for reading 😄💚

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  1. I love to dress up with Christmas as Santa Claus haha or put a dress on but I also enjoy being in my pjs 😍 I also love to listen to Christmas music and watch movies. Tomorrow my family will come and we will eat dinner all together, unwrap presents and then I’m going to the Midnight Mass with my brother, his wife and mother. I used to sing in that choir. It’s really beautiful. It also makes me emotional because I have many memories with my choir, good and bad ones. On the 25th my parents and I are going to eat at the appartement of my brother and his wife. In The Netherlands we also have a second Christmas day. I will take that day to pack some stuff for my travel to Spain on Thursday. I’m almost done haha so happy. It’s always stressful. I’m also going to watch some movies and just enjoy being cozy at home 🎄 What are your plans?

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    1. I hope you have a wonderful time this year, all that you have planned sounds amazing! 💚 On Christmas Eve I am going to wrap up last minute presents for the dogs 😂 drop round to neighbors and friends to wish them a merry Christmas and give them gifts before returning home for a relaxing evening in a new set of pajamas 🤗😂 On Christmas day we have breakfast together for once before opening presents and then my dad makes the dinner whilst we watch movies and play games before eating 🤣💚

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