12 days of Xmas 2018: Day 3 – A-Z of Christmas

Hi elf-ryone! 💚 Today is the 3rd day of 12 days of Xmas and I’m gonna be sharing an A-Z of Christmas to get us all in the mood! The last time I did one of these was in Summer HERE so I’m very excited to be doing it again! Like back then it was incredibly difficult to think of words for everything (but my rambles found there own way onto some of them afterwards 🙈😂) and I hope you enjoy it!

A – advent calendars + adverts! (There are so many good ones this year! My favourite has to be the one with Elton John in it!).

B – baubles and bells (everything seems to have a bell on it these days 😂)

C – croquembouche (that marvelously scrumptious tower of cream filled pastries topped with chocolate 🤤😂), Christmas FM + Christmas day itself!

D – December (the busiest month of peoples lives 👍).

E – Elf on the shelf aka the creepiest thing to have ever existed!

F – family (the people that make it what it is ❤️)

G – gingerbread house

H – hot chocolate ☕

I – icicles (more probable than snow! ☃️).

J – jumpers and jingle bells 🔔

K – Kris kringle

L – loving the expressions on everyone’s faces as they open their gifts 🤣

M – mistletoe and mince pies!

N – North Pole ❄️

O – ornaments

P – presents (the giving of them made the list of course 😏😂).

Q – quality street chocolates that come out of hiding 👀

R – reindeer

S – santa sleigh in the sky (every year it is projected upon the sky when it gets dark one evening and although sometimes you don’t get to see it it’s fun going outside and trying your bloody well hardest to! 😂)

T – tree + tinsel 🎄

U – unity 🤝

V – vacation

W – wreath

X – xmas

Y – yule log 🤤

Z – zest inside a Christmas pudding? It’s all I can think of 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉You can find the rest of the 12 days of Xmas posts so far HERE! 🎄 Take care and have a lovely day 💚

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