November Favourite’s 2018

Hi everyone! ❤️ How are you? Can you believe November is over and we’re in the month of Christmas!? I can’t, it’s all happening way too fast. I mean I only realized it was November halfway through and now it’s gone! 🙈😂 With that said I don’t think I can comment on whether it was any different than October. Perhaps we can see it as going quickly because I enjoyed myself? (Although I have caught the flu again and it’s even worse with a flare-up of reflux! 😒) I don’t know but what I do know is that I did enjoy the following things I’m about to show you! Starting with…

My birthday!! 🎁

I had such a lovely day and it’s so weird to think that I’m now 20! 😵 I am so grateful for everything I received and although I didn’t share a list of it all on here (I was exerting some major self-control as I feel stopping to take photos of everything ruins the moment for me sometimes) I did upload Blurry But Beautiful which features photos taken with my new instax camera! 📸

Tkmaxx Modbox outfit!

The Modbox racks in Tkmaxx are always stuffed with some hidden gems and I could not bring myself to leave these two behind! The t-shirt says “you are approaching a fangirl” and I love it! (Annoyingly the security tag didn’t get removed so I had to bring it back when I realized so they could take it off but all is well now 😂). The dress is a beautiful Autumnal shade of ochre and has a small rip going along the bottom of it that was on all of them in the store (so I basically tried to choose the best looking broken dress and my mum was confused as to why I still wanted it with the tear but I think it makes it unique 🙈😂).

Tisserand aromatherapy roller ball

For a very long time now I’ve looked at aromatherapy rollers whenever I’ve seen them and ended up putting them back but recently I’ve put more thought into why I should just get one and ended up with this roller by Tisserand! It is infused with lavender, sandalwood and Jasmine essential oils and goes a long way in taking my mind off resorting to coping mechanisms like rocking back and forth when I am in pain so money well spent me thinks!

Bohemian Rhapsody movie

Queen seem to be a reoccurring factor in my monthly favourites and November was no exception! My family and I all went to see the new movie and despite there being some fictional differences we all really enjoyed it! 🍿

Harvest pumkin tealight candles! 🎃

Before winter arrives with a vengeance I wanted to get a pumpkin candle and not only did I find that but it led me to tealight candles instead! 🕯️ I am obsessed with the fragrance of pumpkin candles but I can’t say the same for my family so I light them when I’m on my own and am slowly making my way through them!

Beauty muse pro Green tea facial wipes

I recently ran out of argon oil facial wipes so I made it my mission to pick up not only something new but something completely different and found these green tea (and vitamin E) facial wipes that are super for sensitive skin and lightly scented 😍

Florence + the machine concert

On the 19th I traveled up to Dublin to meet a friend at the 3arena and we went to see Florence + the Machine! I honestly can’t believe it’s over as back when we got the tickets months ago it felt like ages until it would actually come around and now it’s over 😦 but we had an AMAZING time singing along and they put on a really good show.

Innocent unsweetened almond (also the hazelnut version 🤤)

For a while now I’ve been a fan of the brand Innocent’s mango smoothie so when I came upon the unsweetened almond version in our fridge (it’s come down from €4 to €2 so we stocked up to try it out!) I was overjoyed to give it a try and it tastes sooo good! The almond is subtle and I can have a glass of it without any oncoming migraine flare-ups to worry about thanks to it not being dairy (it’s got spring water, sea salt and roasted almonds instead! 😋). I’ve also managed to get my hands on the hazelnut version which tastes of nutella chocolate milk! (Update: I might be a bit put off it now though as it went out of date and I drank it afterwards 😫). Both of the bottles say they can be added to baking, porridge and/or hot drinks so I’m intrigued to try that out!

Wreck this journal

After seeing wreck this journal featured on many blog posts I’ve really been looking out for it (even though I know I need to force myself to be reckless towards a book 😂) and I finally found it in Tkmaxx for €8 nearing the end of the month!

Jess Glynne concert

On the 27th my sister and I went to see Jess Glynne (in the 3arena again!) and had a lot of fun. I loved the videos playing on the screen behind Jess and of course her voice!

Chop sizzle wow recipe book

This cookbook has 50 illustrated step by step Italian recipes and I have really enjoyed flicking through it as it’s very calming to look at 👀

Thank you for reading! Did you have any monthly favourites? Let me know , take care and have a lovely day! ❤️


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