Blurry But Beautiful

Hi everyone! 💛 How is your week going so far? Mine has been filled with festive thoughts mostly about what I’m going to be getting my family and friends (which is proving to be a difficult feat!) and although today hasn’t gone as planned for me I have something very fun to share with you. For my 20th birthday I received an Instax Mini 9 camera and the very next day I ventured outside suited and booted (as it was FREEZING ❄️) to capture some photos! Today I’m going to be talking all about why I took + like these particular pictures. Let’s jump straight into it!

In the first photo I took outside I wanted to capture both the gates either side leading to the front of the house and the beautiful cloudy sky up above ☁️ Every time I look at it I am transported to the side of our house where there is always a gentle breeze no matter how cold or warm it is and my oldest dog Ruby fighting for my attention to kick the bedraggled football as far as I can.

I took this snapshot of the front of the house thinking it would be very Autumnal and standing there taking it all in I wasn’t wrong! 🍂 I forgot to change the setting on my instax so it came out a bit blurry but for some odd reason that made me love it more (hence the title of this post!). It’s not crisp like Autumn implies, it’s confused because it feels like winter. Apparently snow is on the way and I don’t know whether or not it will reach us but it is still mighty cold (so cold I forgot about that precious setting in the first place! 😂).

Is it a meteorite signalling the end of the world? No, strangely enough it’s the sun! 🌞 I was hoping to catch the brown shades of the gates out front (which I will be painting when the weather gets drier!) but the dark hole in the sky stole the show! I like this photo because it’s not what I expected to see as the film slided out of the camera. Looking at it I can just imagine something shooting down and landing in the massive puddles sending waves flying up into the air 🌊

And there we have it! Thank you for reading and checking out these photos! 😉 Do you like the photos? What was the last thing you took a photo of? Let me know, take care and have a wonderful day! 💛

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