Blogging Misconceptions!

Hi everyone! How are you? ❤️ Today I’m going to be chatting away about misconceptions to do with blogging/bloggers! Some are beliefs that I once held myself before I started a blog. The following often play a part in why I refrain from talking about my blog to others as I do think I’ll be judged despite none of them being true. Without further ado let’s jump straight into it!

That it’s easy to blog

It isn’t easy to blog because nothing you love is ever simple to keep going and there is always a challenge to get it to the point that looks easy from an outsiders perspective. Even when I’m of a productive mind and have loads of inspiration it still isn’t easy because then I’ve got to put my plans into action by taking photos, planning the post, writing it out and advertising it on various social media platforms.

That it’s all about money

Not all bloggers make money let alone do it for the money! You’ve got to have the drive behind it all to make that side of things work so even those who do make money don’t blog solely for that reason. You have to be passionate about what you’re sharing for it to become a source of income so it’s nothing to be frowned upon (it is also important to remember that you can be doing a fabulous job and not getting paid too!).

That all bloggers do is blog

Everyone has a life away from their blog that they are committed to and work hard to keep on top of. I once had someone commenting the exact same thing over and over thinking I was ignoring them when in reality I wasn’t even on my phone 😂 I love to blog + interact but I’m not going to choose to stare at my screen all of the time. I choose to do it when it makes me happy and above all when I can.

Bloggers share everything

There is a lot that I choose to keep away from my blog because it’s either personal or I just can’t be asked to share it. There is a life behind all the pictures and words on a blog that is not shared and this is a-okay! 😂

That bloggers are in it for themselves

Most bloggers are a part of a community that makes up the entirety of what you get from blogging (friendship! 👭) and so who in their right mind would want to be in it just for themselves? Personally if there weren’t other people to talk to on here I wouldn’t have kept blogging as it’s the community that make blogging what it is!

And there we are! Thank you for reading 😉 Do you know of any more blogging misconceptions? Do you believe they’re true? Let me know, take care and have a lovely day! ❤️


  1. Yes I totally agree with all these! Especially that all we do is blog! I know that every blogger I follow has a life outside of blogging and they aren’t constantly on their blog 24/7! I guess it’s hard for people who don’t have a blog to understand exactly what the experience is like for us xx

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  2. My boyfriend always says I should monetize my blog because even if I don’t get a TON of engagement, I could still make something from it. I never want to though- I want it to be my hobby and while I think it’s friggin froggin awesome that you CAN monetize blogging, it’s not where I wanna go with it (:

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    1. I feel like if I were to go self-hosted and monetize my blog I would immediately lose all inspiration to post and nothing would come of it once I think of it as a job and not a hobby so I’m definitely keeping it as a hobby for now. Thank you so much for reading 😄❤️

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  3. Omgggg all of these are so true. Loved this post 💕 I also thought that to be a successful blogger I need to make money out of it. Now, I know that it’s okay if you don’t earn money for it and if one day you will that’s okay too. I agree that blogging takes a lot of time and sometimes I struggle with planning my posts and everything. It’s just a lot of work. The blogging community is what I love the most about blogging. If I only would blog for myself I would rather write in my diary haha as it would be borring talking to myself 😂

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  4. What a great post.. agree with it all. $$ whats that!…I would love to earn money from blogging..but I know that only a few actually do. It takes time to blog…and sometimes its hard to find the words. However, I have made some amazing friends via blogging. Your all such a supportive close group…

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