If we were “having” coffee #6

Hi everyone! ❤️ How long has it been since our last coffee chat? It’s unbelievable how time flies by but here we are in the middle of a freezing cold November desperately clinging to warm mugs (mine may or may not contain hot cocoa as despite my recent go at having coffee we are still keeping up pretences and saying “having” because I’ve stopped actually having it after it bought on bloody flare-ups! 😔).

Today our meeting place is in a quaint little cafe hidden in the woods that is way out there but specialize in all the best drinks served at other places. I’m craving one of Costa’s caramelized orange hot chocolates so that’s what I’ll get, what about you?….

On a sofa in the corner by a window looking out on picturesque views (that we were lucky to get to first judging by the jealous looks being thrown our way!) we are “having” coffee as we watch the rain fall down like it’s nobody’s business 😂 and I would…

Firstly ask how you’ve been keeping? Whether it’s good, bad or in-between let it out. It won’t dampen the mood at all as we’re here to chat in a calming environment and generally take notice of what’s been going on lately.

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that I finally know what course I’m going to be doing next! (I know, I know enough of the finally as its only been a few months since I completed my Bookkeeping and accounts course but the not knowing feels like it’s gone on for ages!). In the new year I am going to be embarking on a ACCA Professional Accounting journey! As per usual I’m more excited than nervous (until it starts that is! 😂). It is a distance learning course but the majority of the work is online so I am planning on venturing out to the library to keep it up. I was so close to losing hope that I’d find anything and I’d never really considered going down the ACCA route as I didn’t understand it but now I know that it is a step up from my diploma (being the equivalent to a degree firstly and then a master’s) I can’t wait for it 😆

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that I have been invited to a Friendsgiving party by someone I met at the Bloggers Brunch event next Saturday and am really looking forward to it! 😆

If we were “having” coffee I would carefully climb onto the closest above ground surface and shout “it’s Christmas!” and then slowly and awkwardly clamber back down again 😂 Are you excited for Christmas!? 🎄

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that I’m unsure whether or not I should be celebrating reaching 2,500 followers here on Elsie LMC because I think it’s a glitch as my site is telling me I have 2,280 and I believe that is the proper amount 🤔 Either way it’s still something to celebrate so I think I’mma grab one of those Nutella croissants in a cup as I really want to see what they’re like! 🎉😂

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that soon I’ll be starting my driving lessons as I’ve got my licence now 😮 I’m also planning on going to Yoga classes which I’m hoping on my flare-up free evenings will be a good source of exercise! 🤸 (These will both fingers crossed feature in my 2019 A LOT and keep me busy!).

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you all about how Autumnal my garden is lately! 🍁 It could very well pass as a backdrop for the season or something, there are leaf’s absolutely everywhere and I’ve often caught myself in a daze staring out at them 😂 For my birthday I got an instax mini camera and the day after I ventured out taking pictures (I am planning on sharing them in a post very soon!).

If we were “having” coffee I would tell you that tomorrow I’m going to see Florence + the Machine live with a friend and am VERY excited! 🤣🎶

Thank you for reading! 😉 If we were “having” coffee what would you tell me? 😯

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Take care and have a lovely day! ❤️


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