Blogging: the pressure is real!

Hi everyone! ❤️ Today I’m in the mood for a mini but major rant all about the pressure we bloggers heap onto ourselves. I myself put a lot of pressure on myself and if it weren’t for blogging I wouldn’t see that as clearly as I do right now. For some it can be because of keeping a schedule or for most self comparison. For a while now I’ve found it difficult when sharing what I did on any particular day and feeling like I’m ruining a moment by taking note of what is going on/snapping pictures.

Now believe it or not I don’t share a lot of what is going on in my life through this platform but certain things I do choose to share that I highlight as blogworthy take a part away from the moment in question each time if that makes sense? If somethings going to be shared on my blog I get really het up about needing to write about it and gathering the information in that moment and not later on. I can’t fully explain it or seem to make this feeling go away but you know me, I’m bloody well trying because it’s leaving me with more of a memory than the moment it was actually made.

In trying to make this change I have decided that I will be sharing posts about certain days in the far future and not merely a few days after. I’m going to space it all out in both real life and in my mind too. This will give me time to not place that pressure on myself to provide something I’m not at one with.

Even just writing about this pressure has lifted a weight I wasnt fully aware I’d been harbouring. There always seems to be something to worry about and I hate it when I can find something that pressures me in such a fun environment. In real life I have a lot going on too at the moment (at least I have a chance of handling this one though!).

All the pressure we are buried under blogwise doesn’t make us want to give it up and throw the towel in at all because the good side of blogging outweighs it by far, it just gets hard to keep pushing on sometimes and I wanted to let it out. Here’s to hoping I can be my own savior from this one! 😂🙌

Thank you for reading! What in this blogging world do you find places pressure on you? Don’t worry about letting it out, it can only help! Let me know, take care and have a lovely day! ❤️


  1. I get you so much 💕 Great post. Blogging can be stressful too. I don’t have a blogging schedule. I prefer to write lots of drafts when I feel in the mood to write. Sometimes I just need to write when I’m sad. I find it easier to write exactly on that moment how I’m feeling.

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    1. Thank you!! I can understand that feeling of writing when your sad. I don’t really get around to posting those thoughts as by the time I planned to put them up comes around I feel in a different headspace and don’t want to go back there but in that moment it helps to let it all out ❤️

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