Zoella Beauty treasure me gift Collection review!

Hi everyone! How are you today? ❤️ I’m feeling incredibly festive at the moment (which is odd for me as my birthday is still to come first! 🎈😂) and so I’ve broken into some Christmassy products that I received last year and am going to be sharing my thoughts on them with you! 🎄

I’ve been saving the Zoella beauty treasure me gift collection for what feels like ages and it recently hit me that I have no reason not to just break into the box and use them. It’s the perfect time of year to do so as it is FREEZING I tell you! It might as well be winter already and these have fed the mood so let’s get into this!

Firstly I can’t go on without saying that as soon as the lid is lifted off of the box a delicate fruity aroma floats out into the air which can only be described as “pure comfort” that sets the scene for whatever I choose to pick out and use each time. The majority of the products are enriched with softening peony, brightening winter cranberry and soothing mint creating a unique experience.

Snow scoop bubble bath

I went all out for this bath the first time I used snow scoop and lit a candle (I’ve never done that before 😂). I scooped a palm full out of the tub and let it fall beneath running water. Mini bubbles came out of hiding and the bath was filled to the brim with them. It was a super calming experience and the perfume made me drift off which is probably dangerous when surrounded by water 🤷😂

Snow fresh body wash

I often struggle to find a body was that doesn’t irritate my skin but this one is really good and works well! I love the simple yet effective packaging + design of all the products listed but this has to be my favourite of them all!

Winter wonderland hand; hand cream

This luxurious hand cream leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth (although I think I pulled a muscle rubbing it in the first time round through wanting it to work! 😂). Keeping hands healthy in this weather is important as the coldness threatens to make your skin lose it’s shielding bodily warmth layer and your fingers turn to icicle pops, that is why I carry this with me for greater good! ❄️😂

Pom pom

Are these called pom poms? Anywho! My ones of these always end up going missing in the house so I’m very happy to have this one that holds the same smell as the rest of the products and is so fluffy and made from a strong durable material!

Snow smooth body butter

I always use the body butter on my arms and go around sniffing them throughout the day 🙄😂 it leaves my skin positively glowing and the soapy rose scent smells absolutely gorgeous! 🌹

Splash of milk bath powder

I’ve used one of the bath milk powders so far and it made for a spa like experience with the fragrance carrying throughout the house which was heavenly and had everyone asking what on Earth I was using 😏😂 It made the water go all silky and what few bubbles there were disappeared fairly fast but nonetheless it was like nothing I’d ever tried before.

Snow polished body polish

The tiny sugar crystals in this body polish dissolve and leave a healthy radiant glow 💎

Snow silky body lotion

Now this lotion is the one thing where a lot of the perfume fades after appliance but either way it does what it says and leaves my skin feeling silky! I try to limit my use of it so as not to run out of it as now I’ve started I can’t stop!

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have you tried these products before? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤️


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