How to be a part of the blogging community!

Hi everyone! How are you? ❤️ Today I’m going to be sharing how to be a part of the blogging community (or more so a part of “a” blogging community as there are so many!). The community is in my opinion without a doubt the best thing about having a blog, I mean it’s all very good and well to blog for yourself and not intend/want to meet others but honestly it really changes your life and makes the experience all the more worthwhile to share it and grow with others!

I’m no expert but I do feel like I’m part of an amazing community of people and want others who are yet to gain that to have it too so here are my tips on how to be a part of the blogging community! ✨

Interact on social media

Whatever your chosen form is make full use of it and get to know bloggers from around the world. I’m not a pro at using social media but there are a few bloggers I would consider lifelong friends that have been found there so all things considered I still enjoy using the apps very much!

Attend bloggers events

Getting out there can be a hard thing to do because it means coming out from behind the screen you’ve existed behind as a blogger but ultimately it can be a very fulfilling experience. Research what is going on in your area and bite the bullet, you won’t regret it!

Take part in tags/awards

There are loads of tags/awards circling around the blogosphere that are fun to take part in and often include answering questions about yourself that encourage others to join in and share facts about themselves (and then you’ve kind of created a friend through your similarities!). A lot of these let you join in even if you weren’t personally tagged as well just to keep it going!

Read/comment on other blogs that interest you

If you enjoy a post written by someone else then let them know it, start a discussion about it! (If you don’t have time to chat then hit like after reading and the thought was still there!).

Share your own work + allow comments

If you’re a blogger than you probably share your work already (first step: tick! ✔️😂) go a step further and allow the flow of comments on your blog + reply to them! (This can happen automatically but some bloggers switch off the comments option if they can’t reply which is very fair as it’s not nice having your comment ignored).

Join in & introduce yourself in blogger parties

There’s always something being celebrated within the community by someone or other and at times like these a blogger may choose to set up a party where you can comment your name/blog and probably what you’d bring to the party etc. Blogging parties are very fun when you can join in and it is my goal to one day host one!

Reach out/accept offers to do a collaboration

Working with other bloggers is an amazing way to create a bond within any community and the whole process is a lot of fun!

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have you got any more tips on how to be a part of a blogging community? Let me know, take care and have a lovely day ❤️


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