Early birthday prezzies up in Dublin!

Hi everyone! How is your day going? ❤️ I’m in a nostalgic mood so in an effort to focus on the closest present time I thought I’d tell you all about Saturday the 20th of October when my sister whisked me to Dublin for an early birthday night away and threw some pretty impressive surprises in my direction that had me in tears (don’t worry I caught them metaphorically speaking so they were tears of happiness! 😂).

I had a mild idea of where we’d be staying after it had been let slip by accident but I didn’t at all know what it would look/be like. The hotel turned out to be the Radisson Blu hotel in the heart of the city 🏙️ We checked in and left our bags at reception (as the room was being prepared) and left for the first surprise 🎁

Up until this point I had been told 3 things about it: that it was a two minute walk away, it was relaxing and that I’d love it (that sounded good to me! 😂). Shortly before we got there my sister gave me an envelope explaining all about it….we were going to a private screening of Bastille concerts that had been made into a playlist!! (I was told this was to make up for not being able to see them again in January as the tickets had “sold out” but read on to hear that change!).

We reached our destination, The Brooks Hotel and were shortly shown down to the cinema and given popcorn and drinks 📽️

Now as cheesy as it sounds the air was electric with excitement as we watched the screen and it all felt like a real concert. Throughout our stay my sister handed me presents to unwrap and in no particular order (it all feels too surreal to remember clearly) I was given a Bastille t-shirt which was wrapped around an envelope that said “do not bend” (thank God I didn’t in my haste to unwrap it 😂). Inside the envelope was the signature of Dan Smith which my sister said she had fought for on eBay!! 👊 (now I don’t condone fighting but this was a worthy prize by far! 🙌😂).

I then removed the wrapping from another envelope and received two DVDs:

…Which had concert tickets hidden inside to see Jess Glynne, The Vamps and a Pantomime in December!!! 💃 (I’ve always wanted to go see a panto, especially around Christmas time! 🎄🤣). We’re gonna make some memories for sure! ✨

We continued to watch the video until all of a sudden it stopped and words came up on the screen talking to me about not being able to find the Bastille tickets and that I should look under my seat… honestly time slowed down as I looked underneath where I was sitting and a small box was there. The video played on and shocked Bastille faces came on screen (I wasn’t bloody fast enough to open the box! 😂). Inside were the tickets to see them in January!!! 🎫 I jumped from my seat and ran to the other side of the cinema crying, I couldn’t believe it (my family are class liars! 😂). When I finally sat back down I was told we would also be going to see Bastille in Brixton with our Aunt and my face hurt from all the smiling 😆😂

We made our way back to the hotel and up to our room, the junior suite, and had a good nosy around taking it all in 👀 (and jumping on the bed as you do 😏).

The balcony was magical 👌 looking out on the city. A knock at the door surprised me (but not my sister because she knew all!) as we were handed a long plate of macaroons!

Weighing up our options for room service we ordered in pizza’s and until they arrived we explored before lounging back chatting 🍕

Mine tasted so good and that wasn’t an easy feat for them to achieve considering it didn’t have any cheese on it but I can remember saying it was the best I’d had! After we made the delicious pizza’s vanish my sister gave me a set of 3 bath bombs and asked me if I could check something in the bathroom whereupon I found a hamper of more bath bombs 😍 (I admit I didn’t see them on the counter straight away and she had to come in and point them out before I left 🙈😂).

I later had a bath with some complimentary lemon and lime scented products and the bomb “Night” which had a little owl on it and smelt of lavender as my sister said she was setting up the room and the experience was made all the more relaxing with the TV at the end of the bath! (I watched Harry Potter ✨).

Coming out of the bathroom I was met by a glorious sight and I couldn’t stop myself from repeatedly saying “oh my God”.

I didn’t rush opening the presents as I wanted it to last (you should see me taking my time on Christmas day despite the outcry! 😂🎄). Here’s what I got! 🎁

Miss Selfridge blue fluffy jacket that I ended up wearing the next day (it was super cosy 🤗).

Levi’s t-shirt

Louis Vuitton playing cards

Tommy Hilfigger bag with interchangeable lid (can either be khaki or brown).

Gucci notebook (I’m definitely going to find it difficult to write in this!).

Michael Kors purse 🌠

Sketchers trainers

Adidas trainers

Converse (I wore my last pair of these to a pulp so I’m looking forward to breaking into this pair!).

More Adidas trainers 😍

Self-help and life coaching books: there were quite a few that I preferred not to take pics of and instead I sat back and flicked through them. There was a letter in “Feel the fear and do it anyway” from my family letting me know that they think I’d be a good Life Coach so right now I’m weighing up my options and looking more into it!

After all that I gave my sister her presents too (I know this was my early birthday present but she really wasn’t expecting to receive anything in return so the reaction on her face was amazing 😂).

We got more room service and shared the desserts before heading out onto the balcony to watch all the building lights come on. It wasn’t cold out there it was quite warm so we were able to sit out there for a while before going to bed 😴

In the morning we ate breakfast out on the balcony and woke up to the fresh air (it was so peaceful and seeing as it was high up we couldn’t really hear anything).

We decided to go on a little adventure and hopped in a taxi to Temple Bar (glaring at that restaurant that gave me food poisoning in the process last year 😂). It started to rain so before purchasing an umbrella in a souvenir store we got Starbucks to warm our bellies 😂 I finally tried a pumpkin spice latte and I’m in love! 🎃

We walked along to the Rock and Roll museum but were told they only did guided tours starting at 12pm and we had to check out of the hotel at 1 so it wouldn’t work out. The Wax museum was our next destination not wanting to waste the time we had in Dublin and so that is where our next taxi took us and we had an incredible time!

There was so much to see, the joker had to be the most realistic and I was so scared standing next to him. I would highly recommend it to anyone that hasn’t been! (All but that last part where I got spat on by Mrs Brown 😂).

Our last taxi took us back to the hotel where we couldn’t get back into our room!! 😮 Our room cards only had until 12 on them so we needed to get new ones for the agreed later checkout time of 1! 😌 Thankfully we had already packed our things but we still had to pop the confetti balloons and I was so anxious that we wouldn’t make it out in time after cleaning it all up but we did and were greeted by our parents who took us home! It was a hell of a day/night away and I won’t be forgetting it any time soon (especially since it’s recorded here to look back on!).

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it 😉 My phone kept pausing and deleting so I’m glad it finally got up! Take care and have a lovely day! ❤️


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