Bloggers Brunch Networking Event!

Hi everyone! How are you? I hope you’re well ❤️ Last month I received an invitation for a bloggers brunch and amidst all the nerves I immediately thought “I’m going!” and so on Sunday the 14th of October I headed up to Dublin for my first ever bloggers event! The closer we got the easier it became to conceal my nerves with the growing excitement and it finally hit home that I was going to meet other bloggers! 🤣

Upon arrival at the venue (House) my sister and I made our way through the building to the Glasshouse out back where the brunch was being held and were greeted by the host @sabrinasstyleblog, loads of beaming smiles and mimosas 🥂 The room was very bright and the perfect setup for the odd photo (which as you know for a blogger means a billion photos whereupon you choose one favourite 😂).

The ceiling and various pillars situated throughout the room were beautifully laden with flowers and it was so pretty.

Image courtesy of Gavin Woodruff

Once we found our seats I got to know a few of the amazing bloggers I would be sharing the afternoon with and it was super inspiring to hear their stories and goals for their blogs ✨

In the first photo: from top row to bottom there was @joanneashleygray, @oliviaoghenegweke, me, @emmsobriener30, @the_writer_will_see_you_now and @kateeewbu my sister! In the second photo there is: @thenomadpup and me!

Now it was no easy feat deciding what I would be having from the menu as it all sounded so good (my sister’s idea of ordering a platter of it all was seriously what we wanted to do but to no avail 😂). In the end I chose the Eggs Benedict and it arrived in a flourish and disappeared twice as fast!

The atmosphere was lively as we all got to know one another and although my nerves remained present I kept calm because everyone I managed to interact with put my mind at ease and made me feel incredibly welcome. It was very nice to see a huge portion of Ireland’s blogging community come together as I had no idea (try as I might) how to approach that before.

After our meal Sarah Hanrahan came in for a Q&A and gave us all an insight into her blogging career as well as some really valuable tips that I will carry forward with me! At this point we were all given a gin and tonic to sip whilst we sat back listening 🍹 When the time came around to ask Sarah questions I bit the bullet and was the first to put my hand up to have mine answered 😆

After that Coffee martinis were handed around (which were mighty strong but like most of the drinks given throughout the evening were great to hold and have something to do with your flailing hands 😂). I took this opportunity to put my name & email address down on a list to be added to a chat and take part in a couple of photos alongside a group one! (Which I crouched down in incase anyone behind me couldn’t be seen and I now realize that I didn’t have to 🙈😂). I’m the 3rd in from the very end of the front row.

All in all it was such an AMAZING opportunity and a huge confidence boost so thank you Sabrina for setting it up and allowing everyone to come together like that. To be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals was pure gold and I will never forget it. I am hopeful that if I am given the chance to go to future events + meet the people I didn’t get to meet this time round I will set myself a goal each time (this events goal was to get there full stop as nerves were on the rampage! 😂). Cheers! 🍸

Image courtesy of Gavin Woodruff

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have you ever been to a bloggers event? Do you want to? Let me know, take care and have a lovely weekend! ❤


  1. Omg I loveeee this post 😍❤ I’m so proud of you that you went and that you had so much fun! You look so happy and beautiful. I love the pictures. YES I would love to go once and also meet you. I would be afraid to ask questions. You did that so well done ✌ The food looks also so delicious mmm.

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