September Favourite’s 2018!

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I’m just gonna jump right on the bandwagon and shout from the metaphorical rooftops that September was a fast one, I literally blinked and it was gone 😂 It was the month of flicking through magazines whilst storm after storm with random name after slightly less random name passed by. Lighting candles like my life depended on it and burning my tongue on tea and get this…coffee 😲 (I actually drank it and enjoyed it for a good few days before realizing the extra trips to the toilet weren’t worth the hassle ☕😂).

How was it mostly the last month of Summer and celebrated fully as Autumn? I do not know how that happened! (Actually yes I do, Autumn is the best 👍😂). It was the downtime I needed and am now thoroughly grateful for. I can see how hectic October is going to be and I’m at a stage of half readiness for it 🤞😓 There were a few definite favourites gathered so let’s get straight to them! 😃

Penney’s fleece jacket! 😍

I have fallen in love with this jacket and wore it to a birthday party on Saturday feeling like the confident person I’m usually not (clothes have that wonderful effect don’t they? 😂). It’s fully fleeced inside so will be perfect through the coming Autumn and Winter months! ❄️ (Don’t know why I’m putting an icicle emoji when it snowed in March last time 😂).

Offbeat donuts! 🍩

We were up in Dundrum shopping centre twice throughout September and both times we picked up boxes of Offbeat donuts! 😋 What is it with donuts always finding their way into my monthly favourites? 🤔 Can that question even be taken seriously because donut’s were being second guessed? 😯😂 So far I have tried bueno bueno (twice 🙄), peanut butter cup, toffee apple and the cinnamon donut and I want more! 🤤

Fairylights ✨

These have pride of place on one of my book case shelves! I often leave them shining (alongside my other two sets of lights also on shelves) whilst I read before I sleep and it’s just so magical ✨…until I have to get out of bed and turn them off! That’s why I don’t do it every night 😂. My other fairylights have unique designs so I have wanted a plain one for a good long time and am very pleased with this one I found for only €3.50 in penneys! 😮

Reading magazines 📖

Like I mentioned above I have had my head glued to the pages of magazines lately. I’ve gotten into a few different Irish editions and I like reading about what’s on my doorstep. Plus the idea of them thriving in the country in paper form is brilliant and not just publishing online like a lot have averted to because that’s where they think the customers are (there are still those of us out there that would rather have pages to turn as opposed to a screen to stare at!).

….That’s probably not something a blogger should say but for magazines that’s how I feel (with books you know it won’t ever happen and it’s okay to read online aswell but with magazines you can’t be so sure) they won’t have that same magic if they just go all online and solely through their websites 🙁 Have a happy medium and stay in the shops as well so that I can get my daily dose I say! 😂

Stuff from hauls! 🛍️

September was a good month for shopping and everything is being put to good use especially the books of course! 📚😏 You can find my end of Summer haul HERE and my book haul to quench your thirst HERE! (That name though 😂).

Penneys beanie hat

We are yet to have an incredibly freeze your socks off day but I still wear this when I’m off on a walk up the road hardly able to move with how many layers I am bundled up in 🏞️

My new CD player! 🎧

I’ve gotten through a few CD players in my time but recently I wanted to start listening to audiobooks and since being treated to a one I have a new lease on life! 😂 I’ve been listening to audiobooks books from my local library (they have a really big selection) before I sleep and it’s been nice letting my eyes rest for once, turning the light off and laying back to listen and laugh (as I like the funny ones 🎭).

Intrigue Headband

I thought this headband was a cool idea instead of tying it up myself and getting frustrated when it falls off my head and it’s worked so far! 😂 I wear my hair up in a bun most days so this headband has been a must!

Bridgewater Blogger piece! 💻

At the beginning of the month my last piece for the Bridgewater shopping centre went up on their site. Check out my how to get into an Autumnal mindset post! 🤣🍁

Mustard fleece throw 🍂

I saw this in Tkmaxx and didn’t think I had enough so I left it and my aunt said she’d look out for it when she went back home. Well she found the exact same one and sent it out to me and I am wrapped up in it at this precise moment in time! 🤗 I’d say my smallest dog Toby has more of a hold of it than me, I knew I should never have let him see it! He’s already got my bloody dressing gown! 😕 He’s cute though so we’ll let it slide! 😂

It is super soft and alongside being perfect to snuggle up in it will also make the perfect backdrop for blog photos!

Earrings, earrings and more earrings!

Is it just me or are earrings usually spelt with one “r”? I think I’m going crazy 😂 I have a few things happening in October (all of which I’m keeping secrets for now as they’re so unbelievably exciting!!) that call for a different set of earings so I chose a few pairs in Penney’s the other day!


These thick/puffy headbands are a lifesaver as like I said before I like wearing my hair up in a bun and wrapping it round and round. With these it’s a lot easier to do this but it does keep coming a bit loose so I need to practice my technique!

“Family” plaque

I got this lovely plaque in Next and have put it up using those Command sticky things so it hasn’t damaged the wall through need of a hook. It’s been put directly by the kitchen door so everyone and anyone can read it as they wander by (and probably need to reminded of it’s meaning 😂🙌).

Bear kitchen roll holder 🐻

Okay so this is a random favourite but it might just be the one I’m most excited about….a bear kitchen roll holder!! 😂 Isn’t he cute!? Well I’m assuming it’s a he and have named him Bobby because that’s what you do…buy stuff and name it in turn welcoming it to the family home 😐😂

Song of the sea 🌊

Now I’m sharing this movie because I know that a few of you will love it and if you haven’t seen it already I want to push you in it’s general direction (a gentle push! 🤗😂). It’s in the same kind of league as Coraline/Mirrormask and Spirited Away (as those films are life), it’s full of meaningful hidden messages amongst stories of legends and the art is exquisite 👌

And that’s that! Thank you for reading! 😉 What were your September favourites? Let me know and have a brilliant day! ❤️


    1. Thank you!! 😆 They really do! I went to a further store from me than usual as my closest one is usually ransacked and was so surprised to see what they had to offer 😂 plus their material has gotten to be a lot more better quality lately! ❤️

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