Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright Book Review! 📖

Hi everyone! How are you today? I hope you’re well 💚 I recently finished reading Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright which I received as an ARC (advance reading/review copy: I’m learning the lingo here! 😂) from Netgalley provided I write an honest review in return! Well this is it and I hope you enjoy reading my haphazard thoughts! 🖊️

As always this is a spoiler free review and I will outline the story when giving my opinion but try my best to steer clear of full detail so here we go!


17-year-old Pippa Wyndham is a top cellist, never settling for second chair. But she faces stiff competition from cocky Declan Brogan, a transfer student who matches her in ambition and talent. Forced together for a duet, the battle gets heated. But as the recital approaches and their rivalry evolves, Pippa finds herself at risk of losing her best friend, her future, and the boy she’s falling for.


I instantly enjoyed this book and wondered if that feeling would continue throughout. As time went by I found that I was more into it at some points compared to others but it always stayed at an unputdownable (new word alert! 🚨😂) level.

Pippa (the main character) was very relatable which I was glad to discover as recently I haven’t had that with many books. She stuck to her guns even when the going got tough and despite worrying if she was doing the right/wrong thing she always managed to push forward and came out the other side. At times I was unsure of her and doubted her choices but I grew (alongside her in a way) to understand her viewpoint more clearly as the plot thickened.

It wasn’t too lovey-dovey and that helped a lot as with that being the main focus of the book it had to be done just right in order for the reader to not be baying for Declan, the love interests, blood with the amount of time she could have gone on about him 😂 It was kept at an entertaining level especially with Noah, Pippa’s long-term crush added to the mix (I was unsure how to take him as at times I felt sorry for him but then I saw that he doesn’t really know what he wants so can’t really expect others to aswell).

As I mentioned above, I was more into it at some points compared to others and in these moments I felt like it was dragging a little bit and I’d say to myself “I know how this is going to end so why can’t it just get there already!” but then it picked up, stuff started to happen and I understood why we had to take the longer route round (as readers) to reach the expected result.

Although occasionally it got to be predictable as soon as I acknowledged this fact the story caught me and threw in something I hadn’t seen coming. When I had no idea what was going to happen next, I held onto the fact that with these kinds of books there wasn’t exactly going to be an unhappy ending was there? (did I just reveal a massive spoiler? You already knew that anyway because great minds think alike! 💫….without even having read it on your side yet too 🤔😂).

Friendships were tested, relationships both shrank and blossomed at exceedingly fast rates and our main protagonist, Pippa, learnt a lot about herself and what her hopes and goals should encompass all while staying true to her self.

It’s a very lighthearted, easygoing romance filled book which I know can turn off some readers from wanting it on their shelves but I want to jump in there before you might decide to make that brash decision and say give it a go because at times we all want a refreshing read planted in between our usual jaunts. That being said I would recommend it to everyone and anyone who likes carefree yet predictable stories (because we want to know where we are in life sometimes so let a good book do it for you! 😂).

Get your hands on it after it’s release date on September 25th! (only a matter of days away my friends and time is ticking away so you won’t have to wait too long ⏳🙏😂).

Thank you for reading my review, I really appreciate it! 😉 Have you heard of this book before? Are you intrigued to give it a go when it’s out? Let me know and have a wonderful day! 📚❤


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