End of Summer Haul! 🛍 2018

Hi everyone! How are you on this fine Summer’s day? ☀ (I know we’re experiencing borderline Autumn weather right now but I wanted to say that at least once before Summer was officially over! 😌 That’s better 😂). These last few weeks I have gathered quite the haul (especially since having my Aunt and Nana over which was lovely) so this post is going to be a bit long (although you might not think this is long, in which case feel free to reassure me that I don’t have a problem with shopping! 🛍😂). I’m excited to share my finds with you that I will be carrying forward with me into the new season! 🍁 Let’s jump straight into this!

Glitter jellyfish socks

These socks were only 48c in Tesco! I’m my own bad influence I swear 🙌😂 My reasoning behind this tiny splurge is that a good pair of socks make you happy and no pair of socks ever go to waste (my smallest dog Toby will see to that so I always have to go the extra mile to hide them away in a safe place. So much that I end up having no idea where any of them are 🙈😂).

A bum bag

This bum bag (I’ll be damned if I’m calling it by it’s other name) was staring me right in the face down the bag aisle of Tkmaxx and I couldn’t be the first one to break away from that kind of bond so the rest is history (class dismissed! 💃😂).

Seasalt & sandalwood tealights

Tealights have been on my shopping list for a while now as I want to have a candle going in my room in a holder a friend got for my birthday last year 🎁 These are seasalt & sandalwood and they smell as good as they sound (if it doesn’t sound to you I honestly don’t know what to say or do 😂).

Yesto miracle oil cleansing + moisturizing facial wipes

I finished using my T-zone facial wipes so being on the lookout for a new brand to try out I found these argan oil wipes for €3.99. Let’s just skip the story where moments before I went around Tkmaxx excitedly carrying a pack of facial wipes going on about what fabulous value they were to whoever I saw before realizing they were for men….😩😳😬 I can’t, I just can’t with myself sometimes, it was bloody written there for me to see on the packaging and all. With 60 wipes in a pack for the same price it seemed to be such a bargain (why is men’s stuff always a whole lot cheaper?)

Skinfix soothing wash

I got these thinking it would be of help on my sore patches of skin that are caused by Raynaud’s and its really really good. It leaves my skin feeling soft and despite it having a faint perfume scent whilst in the bottle that didn’t carry on to me so win win!

Asper & Jones luxury foaming bath essence

I won’t give too much away about this bath essence as there is a review coming your way soon but I will say that it is highly deserving of said review! 😷 (Mask face emoji because it’s so hard not blurting out what I really think about this product! 😂).

Enough bras to save me from the experience of getting more for a long time! 🙆😂

I’ve been meaning to get some new bra’s for AGES but isn’t it just life that everytime you go to see what’s available in a store there’s a weird guy watching over the area?….no?…am I seeing ghosts or something then because you know it’s true! 😂 Well this one time the coast was clear so I grabbed the goods and since this is a rare happening it feels shockingly on par with Christmas! 😂🎄

Sugared berries wrapped candle

I smelled this, walked away and couldn’t stop thinking about it so I bought it (in that order! 😂). It carries hints of Autumn and Winter so with both of those seasons on the way I’m excited to have it lit gently casting a flickering glow around my room whilst I read or study 🕯📚

Crash Bandicoot mug/pen holder (that’s what I’m using it for anyway! 😂).

I was on my way to pay in Tkmaxx when I saw this by the till, I couldn’t just leave it there now could I? Crash Bandicoot was one of my all time favourite games to play on my Gameboy when I was growing up (not that I’m grown up! I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that I will be 20 this year! 😔😂).


I’ve finally got my hands on a pair of memory foam Sketcher shoes! After having a pair of Penney’s memory foam shoes and seeing how much my mum loves a pair of Sketchers my sister bought her I am now a proud owner (this must be how it feels to get your first car or something, it feels like a pretty momentous occasion for my feet anyway 🤔😂).


I was on my last hairband so a pack of these were well overdue. Penney’s are so good doing a load of them for €1.50 as well!

Cream long sleeved top

This top was €10 in Dunnes stores and I feel like it will go so well with what I plan to wear throughout Autumn/Winter 😍 denim skirts alongside jeans are making a return as it was too hot to wear the latter half in summer!

Pajamas 🌧

These raining cloud pajamas are so cute in signifying my fav type of weather! (I’m joking I love em and moan about them all…and don’t you know it! 😂). These trousers came with a long sleeved blue shirt that says “rain, rain and more rain”. Don’t they kinda look like the clouds on the Simpsons? ☁ I have been living in them lately thanks to flare-ups (it’s like past me saw this coming and wanted me to be all cosy on these early Autumnal rainy days!).

A wrinkle in Time DVD

When this was advertised as being in the cinema I never got round to seeing it so I vowed that I would get it on DVD! I think it is amazing and the graphics throughout kept my attention glued to the screen. Guess what’s next….the books of course! (They’re on my list so they better watch out…they’re probably out there hoping they’ll be bought by someone else who’s not as…I wouldn’t say possessive about books, more so…mad about them 😐😂).

Tweed tartan coat

I’ve tried on a good few of these coats looking for the one and I think this is it! Usually I find fake pockets on coats made to a similar style but luckily that isn’t the case with this coat from Dunnes stores. It was €40 and worth every penny as I have been wearing it absolutely everywhere alongside my sketchers!

Black jeggings

Spell check will not win the battle of putting these down as leggings, they’re jeggings! 😂 They are really comfortable and the material is super stretchy so I’m pleased with this purchase for sure!

2 long sleeved tshirts from Penney’s

And last but by no means least, these t-shirts! I do love myself some stripes! 🤗😂 The yellow striped top was a fiver in Penney’s and the dark grey one was €4. It’s nice feeling prepared for the season with some new finds styled up with my unpacked cold weather faithfuls from the back of my wardrobe! 🍃😂

Thank you for reading! 😉 Did you like anything in particular from my haul? Let me know, have a lovely day and take care ❤


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