My Ideal Summer’s Day!

Hi everyone! How are you? 💛 Today’s post is a Collab with the lovely Bea from The world according to Bea! (Go check out her amazing blog and her side of this! 😄💞). We are going to be sharing what are ideal summer day would consist of and I’m so excited! 🌹 Without further ado let’s jump right into it!


I’d wake up feeling rejuvenated after a perfect nights sleep, ready for the day ahead 🙆 I would be as chirpy as I’m feeling as I type this post much to the annoyance of those around me and guzzle down a glass of water alongside my tablets that are to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning (this being my ideal day I would have left these tablets out in plain sight the evening before to remind myself as I’m a forgetful thing).

Breakfast would be an easy feat having prepared it the previous day, yes you’ve guessed it…or at least I hope you have….this is awkward 🤔😂…oh I can see it dawning on you, yes it’s overnight oats! 🍓…thank God for that because I wasn’t going to give a hint! 😂 (Check out my recipe HERE).

As I munched my breakfast I’d allow myself to fully come round by opening a window and letting some fresh air in 🌬 After that I’d set about getting ready for the day with some tunes on in the background starting with my skincare routine! 🎶 I have drifted away from using Freederm Facial Cleanser as much recently. I just make sure I include the Lemara Hydrating Facial oil that I told you about in my June favourites and I’m good to go! I’d get washed and changed into a comfortable outfit suitable for either staying home or that split second decision to go out (this is starting to sound more like a morning routine so we’ll move straight onto the afternoon! 😂).


My ideal afternoon (and day) would be ideally free of flare-ups so I could do as I please and on this particular day I would like to go to the beach! 🏖 I’d first stroll through the surrounding village and maybe have a look around some boutiques and pick up a hot chocolate + a magazine to flick through before making my way downtown…to the beach 🎤😂 (I understand that I just said village and then downtown but I wanted to include that part from the song! 😂).

On the beach, now would be a good time to mention that I’m not alone! My family would be with me (it would be cool if we could bring our smaller dog Toby along aswell (this would be his first time at the beach!), Ruby the lab would cause my sister’s allergies to go mad shut in the car on the way there and back so I’d give Ruby a treat later on to make up for it 🐶).

After lazing back in the breeze (as my ideal day is not warm at all!) we’d take our time walking back to the car whereupon we’d discover a festival going on (fat chance of that where I live but this is a dream so go with it! 😂), seeing this as a great opportunity to duck into a not so busy cafe (because of said festival going on outside) my family and I would make ourselves scarce in order to grab lunch! (Haha you thought I was going to go and enjoy that festival but we gotta eat! 😂).

Randomly this cafe would serve similar food to what I had and enjoyed last year in the Bill’s in Windsor HERE: mojo marinated chicken skewers with the pearl couscous (or even just a bowl of the flavoured couscous as that stuff was gold) and then their chocolate bombe! 💣


I’d say the evening would start by the time we arrive back home whereupon I’d change straight into my pajamas and make a beeline for my slippers! 🤗 Ruby would get a treat and fuss and then I’d go call (more like scream out the back door for) our cat, Skirtsey, to give her a treat too….even though she’d be none the wiser if I hadn’t gone and found her, I would have known and felt guilty for leaving her out! 🐈 (She loves me really! You should hear the amount of meowing she does when I’m around because I’m the giver of treats 😂).

By now the Irish weather would have shown it’s horns 😈 Bye bye sun, hello rain! 🌧 and my mind would be full of inspiration ✨ I’d be scribbling away in my notebook like a mad scientist but I’d have a mug of hot chocolate beside me so I wouldn’t look as crazy 😂

Dinner would be a roast (I can’t live without Yorkshire puddings! 😋) and I’d lounge back and watch an evenings worth of daily soap operas before taking my last tablets of the day and dragging myself away from this beautiful reality. Retreating to my bed I’d read until the words became unrecognizable 📚 (I wish I could fall asleep reading but I’m usually just going until I start repeating a word and then I put the book down as wide awake as ever! 😂). On this particular night I’d be out for the count straight away dreaming about how perfect the day had gone and setting myself up for the next one! 😴

And there you have it, my ideal day!Thank you for reading and thank you Bea for doing this collaboration with me in the first place! 😉 What would your ideal Summer’s day consist of? Let me know and have a smashing day! 😂❤


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