A Moment In Time #4


At this moment in time I am up in my room with a mug of tea planning blog posts! This might as well be one of our chats ☕ (For some reason I can actually smell coffee 😂). A lot of the posts are still to be fully written and typed out but the ideas behind them are intact and for that I am one happy bunny 🐇 These last few days I have had a good headspace with a sudden burst of inspiration after a long time of secretly wondering whether or not I should take a break as my mind was blank. Now that I think about it, this onset of creativity could be down to the fact that I’ve finally come into ownership of some new pens (my sister and I halved 2 boxes of blue and black paper-mates 🙆😂). Writing is a lot more fluid thanks to them and I don’t want the feeling to go away anytime soon ✨🖊

Today is a relaxing day because tomorrow I will be, to quote my dad, “a woman about town” when I meet up with a friend to go shopping 😂 I can’t wait for it and I will more than likely not buy anything as it’s more so the company enjoyed whilst strolling around and taking everything in. I have no idea what I’m going to wear but it will most definitely include leggings as I’ll be damned if I’m to wear jeans in this weather ☀😂 All I need to do is look back on hauls and favourites posts for a solid collection of half my wardrobe so it’ll be grand 😂

My legs are burning through a flare-up and it feels like I’ve walked miles, I’m hoping this doesn’t stop me from going tomorrow as it’s been persistent since last night. My new migraine medication has been good so far for the pain that comes on unexpectedly but if I go out and do something small or overexert myself (like tomorrow will probably be classed as for only a small venture) it doesn’t seem to have any affect on that unforeseen pain 🙁

It’s like inspiration, if you acknowledge it’s presence it can decrease (this good spate I’m going through will soon be a long forgotten memory 😂). Sometimes when you notice pain has subsided it becomes a struggle to keep it at bay, like the medicine is only numbing it and not stopping it. Either way after a bout of migraine pain yesterday evening I’m grateful for the break in that area right now where I can be productive despite the other flare-up that’s not affecting my head if only to be draining.

As I write this it is raining outside 🌧 but I need to remember to put on sun cream tomorrow just in case the sun does return (I’m reminded of how important this is when I take my watch off before I go to bed and the skin beneath is so so pale 😬 I don’t even go out in the bloody sun but somehow it’s managed to catch me unawares 😂).

I have to go downstairs soon as every Sunday is Bridget Jones Diary day since mum got the box set for her birthday 😂 We are on the third and final movie today (don’t even think you can throw a spoiler my way, this post has been written in advance to when it is going up! 😝). They are such carefree movies with a light humour and we’ll be kinda upset when they’re over. Do you happen to know any movies like them? 📺 I would be forever indebted to you! 😯😂 (I have I.T Crowd on the brain 24/7 I tell you! 😂).

Thank you for reading! 😉 What is happening around you at this precise moment in time? I hope you’re having a lovely day! ❤


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