Picture This ✨

Picture this:

A seaside town neither quiet or loud

Somewhere nestled in between a steady flow of tourists who are interested in seeing the descent from sunny to stormy play out before their very own eyes.

Both beautiful observations

they hope it will help them make sense of the inside struggle.

Through a telescope on the pier a family take turns looking out at the resident majestic red and white lighthouse open to all but often enjoyed from afar.

A rough wave travels toward land and gently parts the sand

feet away from a crumbling castle being ventured into by a band of young pirates

A little older than those they came here with today, those who are confined to the shorefront building their own castles.

Decorated with shells, a crab crawls forward to claim a new home.

The sun is in the sky but about to be put to bed and the ocean sparkles beneath it’s throne.

The waves carry low chatter out to sea…

hopes, dreams and careless whispers come from people lost in the chance of their voices being heard

each savouring different memories in the same moment.

A murmuration of gulls fly in sync overhead as friends lay back

The soft sand beneath their feet later cascades between their fingers

For it is all watched over as one.

One place, one moment seen through one set of eyes forgetting they aren’t alone

In the minds eye let it be clearer that you were surrounded by more than just one.

Thank you for reading! 😉 I wrote this the other day and thought it was calming to imagine as a reality and wanted to share it in case you might read it and feel the same way! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!


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