July Favourite’s 2018

Hi everyone! How are you? 💙 When I started writing this post rain was falling from the sky and every so often a powerful clap of thunder could be heard ⚡ Apparently that downpour was what kept the countries dwindling water levels safe after the recent drought 🌧 Fast forward to today where I’m still loving this recent change in weather which is mainly light showers 💧I’m all cosy inside watching both the raindrops and Spirited Away 👀(they’re going to be showing a load of Studio Ghibli films on TV this month and to say I’m excited is a hefty understatement 😂).

Seeing the grass fed and slowly turning back to it’s natural shade of green is making me very happy. Is it strange to think that this is a proper Summer? 🤔 Maybe it’s the Summer I’d grown used to before this crazy one arrived and it’s nice to see it back where it belongs! When I first attempted to right this post I had to stop as a flare-up came on and I started to feel sick but I’m back now ready to chat about what brought me joy in July!

The whole month had me up and about like a busy bee (save for the times when I couldn’t be up as I swear I rested when I had to and tried to pace!). At the time I thought it was going by slowly but looking back it now feels incredibly surreal that it’s over so fast 😂 Anyway here are my July Favourites (ps. This is quite a long post!):

Safari Duvet! 🐘

My mum surprised both my sister and I with new duvets (I got this and another one) as they were bargains including mattress covers and the like (I am definitely my mothers daughter as you know how much I love a bargain 😂). Every morning and evening I catch myself marveling at how cute it is and how much it suits my room. I thought it would be a struggle to keep it clean as every morning our smallest dog Toby comes running up and gets in bed with me but it still looks new! 🐕😂

Bastille sweater! 😍

I did it, I actually got something from Bastilles new merch!!….well through my sister I did and then in the end she wouldn’t have me pay for it and treated me 😏😂 I’m unbelievably smitten with it and I can’t wait to wear it when the weather gets cooler as although it’s raining it still feels like we live in a furnace 😂


I have no words but I know that I must acknowledge the concerts we went to in July 😂 I will never forget them, especially since I wrote them down HERE. I’m glad for the short break in events to look forward to seeing Britney later this month although that’s not to say I’m hoping my sister doesn’t win anymore tickets because you know I’d drop everything to go with her 😂 (she’s already won 6 competitions this year 😵 some I couldn’t attend and some we both couldn’t go to).

Garden bench ☀

At the beginning of the month I purchased a bench! No that wasn’t a completely random act, I’ve actually been planning it for ages but couldn’t find the perfect one for our garden 😂 I believe this is it! Don’t mind the odd patches of grass (this was actually before it all died out).

Every other day the aim is to go out there whilst our oldest dog Ruby runs free. Before I wouldn’t have been able to stay out there long as I’d get tired but now I can sit down and just take it all in! Of course Ruby doesn’t let me rest, she sees me as a football kicking machine 😂

Donuts!! 🍩

Two cheeky pics for your viewing pleasure because I don’t know about you but if there’s anything I want to see more of it is donuts!! 😍 Are you ready to be truly happy for me?…well here it comes..I found a small donut place in town 😁…Now what you have there is true happiness children 😂.

When I went it was a little over half an hour before closing time so a lot of the good stuff was gone but I knew that I wanted a plain sugar one (excuse my lack of donut knowledge but I have no idea what the name for them is! 😂). I also picked up a blue one that had “unicorn” in it’s name (that is why I chose it!…it didn’t really taste of anything but I suppose you pay for the name 😐🦄😂) a pink one with glitter, a lemon one, a caramel rolo one and an Oreo one! 😋 I claimed the plain sugar one and the rest were shared out because I’m not evil, I have a heart! (It just takes doctors a long time to find it with stethoscopes that’s all 😂).

Eye and Face masks!

I got these masks on separate occasions, the first picture is of a clay eye mask (that has a hot and a cold side) I got in Homestore and the second photo is of a gel facial mask I got in Penney’s! I think they do help ease my headaches, not so much the migraines but sometimes those headaches lead onto the latter so any way I can prevent the extremity of that pain is worth a try. They are both very soothing and calming! 💆

Lord of the Flies! 📕

How could I not add this to my favourites!? It’s not everyday I’m capable of even thinking about writing a review on something let alone going ahead and writing one but I felt like I had to with this book! HERE is the review if you want to check it out!

Florence and the Machine tickets!

Okay so this is something I somehow left out of my June Favourite’s (maybe because Ticketmaster are taking their sweet time posting out the tickets so it kind of slipped my mind 🙄😂) but my friend and I are going to see Florence and the Machine in November!! It will actually be my first concert with a friend (and hers too as although we were both at the Michael Buble concert having both won tickets we weren’t seated anywhere near each other).

I’m nervous and excited at the same time but I reckon the excitement is stronger because we both love her music! 😄 A short time after buying the tickets Ticketmaster announced that they had a security breach and I freaked out a bit as this would happen the one time I decide to use my bank details online but I changed my account password and all seems to be grand 😌

Rose gold notebooks! 🌹

My mum got my sister and I these and we love them! All signs are pointing to starting a bullet journal but I know I would just muck it up and I don’t want to risk it (do I ever? 😂) with these so I’m still thinking what I will use them for! (Suggestions are welcome because my mind is blank 👍😂).

Hudson Taylor Tickets! 🎫

My sister surprised me with tickets to go see Hudson Taylor later this year and I was gobsmacked! It’s in the same place I went to see the Bootleg Beatles with my dad 2 years ago but this time it’s standing so hopefully we’ll still make it because I really want to see them again! When my sister told me she had got them she had just gotten back in the car (we were out shopping for our mum’s birthday but I’d gone back to the car early) and I could have torn the front seat off I was gripping it in shock 😂

Trips to the beach! 🏖

I can’t count how many times we went (that makes it sound like loads of times but I only can’t count because I didn’t write them all down in my planner. After flare-ups I lost track of it all so I’m really confused about most days). Some of the trips we would stay in the car watching the differing shades of the ocean whilst sharing chips and other times we’d wander around making memories that I recall even if I don’t remember exactly when they happened ✨ (better than not remember them at all though!).

Friendship Bracelet 💕

My sister gave me this beautiful bracelet (that sounds like a character name meant for Horrid Henry 😂) and I’m sure I will treasure it forever…until the day I don’t save it in time as it really wants to fall into my food 😂).

New bag 👜

My mum got me this from Penney’s (she was texting me asking what I liked and I have never been more indecisive in my whole life so I honestly expected nothing but when she got home she surprised me with this and I full on squealed 😂 She knows me better than I know myself 🙌

Foodie outing! 😋

Later on in the month my sister and I went to a Tandoori restaurant we’d never been to before (partly because we hadn’t known it existed in the area as it’s a door leading up like our other favourite place further down the street so we usually zoom by in the car…and I need new lenses in my glasses 🤓😂).

It was so nice that we are planning on going back there for our dad’s birthday this month. We both had the same starter which was a herby potato cake (it had a much fancier name that my brain isn’t programmed to recall 😂) because aside from onion bhaji’s that was the only starter without meat (my sister is vegan and I was having chicken for my main so didn’t want it in my starter aswell).

For my main I had mango chicken with egg friend rice and it was yummy! 😋 Well what I had of it at the time was because I ended up getting half of it to take away as there was so much!

For dessert we both ordered what was listed on the menu as “caramel bomb” because of the name itself and sadly for my sister it turns out it was ice cream inside (nothing slightly bomby about it! 😂) but good for me because I got to eat hers!…..well hold on there maybe it wasn’t a good thing because for all the enjoyment of eating it up (it was delightful!) as soon as it was time for us to leave I felt like I was going to bring up my life (and not in a storytelling manner 😷😂).

Nothing happened but I held a bag all the way home and was reminded of the last time we went to a restaurant that served spicy food (back when I got food poisoning in Dublin HERE….I swear I’m not that bad to take out to dinner 🙈😂) and back then I thought I’d never go to another place like that but I did and I actually liked it even though I came away feeling like that because this wasn’t food poisoning it was just pure greediness on my part! 😂 also, I’m not entirely sure I should be consuming dairy anyway (I’ve cut it out almost entirely because of the flare-ups it contributes to….I’m just weaning myself off my number one downfall: ice cream 😂) so I got what I deserved really! I’m sure I would have suffered a fate far worse than that if I’d of let myself leave that ice cream behind to waste though!

Thank you for reading! 😉 (Don’t look at me like that, you were warned this would be a long read! I didn’t bloody lie did I? 😂). What were your July Favourites? Let me know and have a beautiful day!


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