Without you

my mind would be empty when not conversing with the mundane

I wouldn’t dream

and maybe that means my worries wouldn’t travel as far as they do

But that would be boring

I’d pity the fears that don’t come true for having no backup plan in dreamworld.

Ahh dreamworld

there my eyes are open even when they’re closed

There is a thin line between falling in or staying here

I just go

Is that a choice? I don’t think so, no.

On this side I watch those who don’t need you with bated breath

When opportunities come and I can’t make that step I vow that I will when I am able

It’s not that you’re second best

It’s that you were first for longer than necessary

I wouldn’t make this call

No it’s not that you’re second best

Just relied upon too much that’s all.

Thank you for reading! 😉 How you doin? 😂❤ (I just googled that to see where I got it from and Friends came up….I don’t even watch Friends 🙈 naturally I’ll take this as a sign that I should make it my life’s mission to start watching it! 😂). I’m in a good mood today because these last two days have been so great! Three days ago can crawl back in it’s cave as it left me feeling like these last two weren’t possible.

The day before yesterday I went to the beach with my mum (hence the photo used for this post!) and we revisited a small bridge that we took our oldest dog Ruby over when she was a pup. Then yesterday I met up with a friend and we went shopping before spending the day at hers and and although a migraine flare-up came on, I felt tired in a good way.

If it weren’t for that bad day I had, this poem probably wouldn’t have been finished (as when I’m down, in pain or both I find I’m more inspired to write) and if it weren’t for the good I wouldn’t of had the push to post it so they both came hand in hand and in a roundabout way things worked out. Anywho! I hope you’re having a lovely day, what are you up to at this precise moment in time? (aside from reading my ramblings 😂❤).


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