☁ I Didn’t Know ✨

I didn’t know that cotton wool could fly

or that tufts of pink candy floss replaced it in the evenings

before dispersing like black sheep banished far off into the distance.

I watched a gust of wind slowly send them scattering

they regrouped in order to overpower and shield me from a bright glowing orb

a floating fire to roast the marshmallows.

This smoke doesn’t burn though

It is home to rainwater and there is an ocean hidden within.

I didn’t know that water is above and below

Does this mean that the birds pass through powder or do they swim through the vast ocean of sky that parts for them?

I’ll bet they feel nothing at all because they’re used to it, used to their own kind of magic

a beauty that I don’t believe is taken for granted one little bit.

Thank you for reading! 😉 This was something I wrote whilst in a dreamy state and I thought I’d share it as it feels quite relaxing! ☁ Its nice looking back on it because things aren’t good at the moment and I have a flare up in my ribs so have to stay still as it hurts like hell 🙁. This poem (if it can be called that!) is as welcome an escape as it was back when I wrote it. I hope you like it too and are having a lovely day!


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