My Spring bucket list revisited! 🌦…🌞 2018

Hi everyone! How are you today? I hope you’re well ❤ I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get stuck into some new goals so it’s time to revisit my Spring bucket list and close off that chapter! Now unlike my other seasonal goals I forgot about these ones 😶 I suppose this can be viewed in a positive light in that they weren’t forced right? 😓 I’m surprised most of them still took place (credit to the unconscious mind that sometimes is on your side and wants you to prosper 🙆…If only it would work in helping me remember to do other just as/if not more important stuff when it sees fit! 😂).

Excuse my babbling, it’s sooo warm 🔥 I’m also tired after a bad flare-up yesterday and feeling like one wrong move and the pain will come back. What’s the weather like where you are? I would be forever grateful if anyone in Autumn/Winter could package some cold air up and pop it in the post 📦 We could do one of those blogger swaps! (If that’s what they’re called?) This kind of swap would bring momentary joy to those of us living in furnaces and a strong sense of being conned to those in not so hot climates who would just be opening an empty box 😂. Anywho, before I pop myself in the post in order to go see colder, better, places and risk paying lethal prices for postage let’s just jump straight into these goals!

Learn more Italian 🇮🇹

Okay so I’ve stopped learning Italian 🙈 (This is the second time as I stopped back when I started blogging too! 😂). As a matter of fact I think I stopped as soon as I wrote this goal! That can’t be good 😬😂 The thing is my sister has been planning our first holiday as a family to France!! 😆🇫🇷 I’m incredibly excited about this (if it does happen!) but it has meant that the language part of my mind has been interrupted by a load of French vocab sticky notes placed haphazardly around the house in an attempt to teach us all the lingo 😂.

I don’t know if I’ll ever progress as well with French as I did with Italian though because I think school ruined that for me. You know how when you’re somewhat forced to learn a language it’s harder than when you learn it at your own pace through choice? Well I think both French and Irish will forever be touch and go for me 😂 Although I am much better remembering Irish (or gaeilge!) in comparison as that was instilled in me from a young age. Hopefully I’ll get back into learning Italian again as it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!

Watch more Studio Ghibli films!

I did watch a couple of Studio Ghibli films! 😆 Back when I wrote this I’d already seen My Neighbor Totoro and The Cat Returns and since then I’ve gone on to watch The Secret World of Arriety, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Spirited Away! Out of those last three I enjoyed Spirited Away the most. I flinched when No-Face started eating people and whenever Yubaba was present as I found her a bit scary 🙈😂 I couldn’t help but think if I were Chihiro I wouldn’t be brave enough to be around No-Face even before he went a bit power crazy. I love how easy it is to get lost in these types of films (despite the scenes I feared, I would drop everything to step into these world’s if only for a few minutes…and then I’d want to return back to wherever I was carrying what I’d dropped like it had never happened so as to avoid smashed goods 😂).

The Secret World of Arriety is a close second but over them all My Neighbor Totoro is still by far my favourite! Oh and I did end up watching The Cat Returns again but this time it turned out to be in Japanese! It was a mistake but I kept watching it because I found I couldn’t stop, it was extra calming despite the language barrier as it was cool to see how much of it I visually remembered 😂

Get into the habit of having outfits ready in my wardrobe!

I didn’t follow this goal to a T but I did get fairly close! I arranged my wardrobe so that it holds all of the things I can wear in Spring/Summer and I packed away all of my jumpers and jeans (it’s too warm to even wear jeans, what is going on!? 😑). Outfits weren’t exactly ready for me but I didn’t have to go digging for them either (past me must have expected my daily “routine” to fly by with the efficiency of that futuristic technology on Clueless that Cher uses to help pick her clothes out for her 😂).

Be crafty! 🎨

I didn’t do a LOT of creative or crafty 👀 things but I did get into sketching! I attempted still life because I’m absolutely rubbish at thinking up stuff to draw (always have been, hopefully won’t always be! 😂) I’m much more creative with writing stories! When I’d gotten through sketching ornaments and very patient family members (who I admit weren’t all aware of my sketching them 🙄😂) I googled step by step manga drawings which were a lot of fun to attempt! I also tried to draw Totoro. I really want to do the cat bus aswell, it looks a lot more detailed than what I’ve tried so far so I’m going to need a bit more than patience in order to get through that ordeal without tearing it up 🙌😂

Use Twitter! 🐦

I don’t think I did that bad with this one! I didn’t get around to doing any chats like I used to but I think I’ve been more active on Twitter than I usually am. Whatever I have put up has been on the spur of the moment which is the best way for me as I tend to overthink things.

Thank you for reading! 😉 Did you set yourself any Spring goals? How did you fare against them? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤

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  1. Oooh it’s lovely that you got into sketching!! Ooooh and have a lovely time in France :))) I have very bad memories of french so it’s hard to pick it up again but I’m trying! I know exactly what you mean about school blocking us from learning certain languages ugh but yay! Sorry, I’m binge reading your blog again :d

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  2. Loved reading this! ❤️👏 I also learned Italian at college but forgot almost everything. It’s so much better to learn languages on my own like Spanish since my mother is Spanish. You did an amazing job with drawing! Loved it 👍 Omggggg I love those movies so much. My favourite is Spirit away and I love My Neighbor Totoro and The Cat Returns. 

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! 🤗 From what little I’ve heard, Spanish is such a beautiful language. Thank you 😄 it was hell neatly rubbing out the contour of the manga girl and she lost her left eye at one point but it was a lot of fun to get lost in! 😂 They are so calming to watch! ❤xx

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