We’ve got to talk about Granny

Hi everyone! How are is your day going? ❤ Today I thought we could have a lil chat about something I’ve been obsessed with for around two weeks now, we’ve got to talk about Granny! A free horror game I came across by chance whilst browsing the app store after buying a new sd card and was too scared to download onto my own phone in the end so got my sister to get instead! 😌😂

In the game you are trapped in a house supervised by a cruel Granny (who I’m not sure is your characters granny per say, just your average elderly kidnapper 😂). The aim is to try escape within 5 days which is no easy feat (not even on easy mode!). The smallest of sounds alert Granny of your whereabouts and you must hide before she reaches the room and sees you. Supposedly useful objects are randomly placed throughout the building each time in a new place to help you get out.

I won’t include any images from the game as it is quite creepy and it’s up to you whether or not you want to see stuff like that! (This post isn’t going to be even mildly scary so don’t worry! 😂).

Right, well where do I start? Firstly I’ll say that we are nowhere near close to finishing it! I have completed a lot more than I thought I would though by actually setting foot out of the room you start the game and regenerate in each day 😂 My past self would never have believed I would enjoy something like this and I’m still quite surprised about that (although I don’t think I will go as far as say I’m capable of sitting through a horror movie yet thanks to it! Not after last year’s mishap with thinking I was capable of seeing IT in the cinema and the many sleepless nights that ensued weeks after 🙈🎈).

What’s getting me through it is the fact that I’m not playing it alone (I wouldn’t dare!) my sister is right beside me continuously trying to persuade me to play in extreme mode where Granny holds no prisoners 😓😂 Also there are a couple of possible glitches depending on where you are in the game that are hilarious and bring you back to reality where your real Granny (known to us as Nana) wouldn’t dream of doing half the things this lady is doing (apart from the secret love of vegetables that hide objects….my real Nana loves gardening and it’s no secret to us! 😂).

One of the latest glitches occured when I ventured up to the attic in the game and got locked behind bars (it’s a very obvious cage but I thought there would be something hidden in there 🙈😂), Granny came running up fast as ever like I was after making the noise of the century (despite it always being on easy mode) and just when she turned to leave (keeping me locked up)…..she completely missed the door 😂 she walked behind it instead and was full on trying to walk through the wall like it was a completely normal occurrence. In the end she turned and went out properly but not before uttering one of her famous catchphrases “I see you”…..okay Granny whatever makes you feel better! 🙄😂 It’s horror but it’s comedy too!

It makes us jump a lot when Granny catches us (and I’ll make the phone face my sister so I don’t have to see Granny’s scary face….I’m a nice sister I swear! 😂) and we’ve made it a quick addition to our days (whenever possible) to sit together and conspire against Granny by plotting our escape through tracking her movements around the house and figuring out the full layout. We tried the Grandpa version of the game but the glitch was so powerful I got stuck underneath a table and that was just too much to handle as the rest of the game continued with him on his way 😓😂

If you’re easily scared I don’t know if this game would be the best idea but then again like I said above I never thought I’d be able to play it so you never know! Even if it’s with someone else (like how I play it) it makes it more fun as your reactions and the rare glitches will honestly have you laughing till you cry! 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have you played the game “Granny”? What do you think of it? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤


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