Patterned Pancakes Recipe! ðŸ˜‹

Hi everyone! How are you today? 💛 In the mood to read about/drool over one of the most delicious creations in the world, aka pancakes? 😋 Well I hope so because this post just so happens to be about pancakes! 😌 (I might have found a way to read your mind! 😂).

After Easter I had a good lot of chocolate eggs left that I wanted to use up (I’m as surprised as you are! They’re usually gone within a minute 😂) and seeing as I had been dreaming of getting in the kitchen and making an excusable mess for a while I decided to make some easy pancakes with a twist! I was very random with the measurements of the ingredients for this recipe but I’ll share the general guideline that I attempted to stick to and you can go from there (as you never know you might want more pancakes!…that’s not even questionable is it? 😋😂).


100g – plain flour

1 egg

a pinch of salt

300ml (1/2 pint) – milk

Corn oil (or whatever alternative you have available)

Melted chocolate

Extras – It’s up to you! Lemon and sugar are always my choices 😋


1. Start off by sieving the plain flour and salt into a bowl, making a well in the center and adding the egg!

2. Pour a small amount of the milk in and whisk to a paste (this is my mum’s tip and it stops the batter from becoming lumpy like it would be if the milk was just gradually poured in straight away!).

Continue to add more of the milk whilst whisking at which point your whisk will decide to come apart from the handle…that’s not a part of the recipe it’s just one of those things! (And I don’t take responsibility if oddly it happens to you too! 😂). I ended up holding the part where the whisk branches out and things got very messy but who ever said making pancakes was easy!?…oh wait a minute 😂.

3. Melt some chocolate! 🍫 I did this in the microwave as the stove side of the kitchen is reserved for the frying part (and it saves on the washing up afterwards! 😏😂).

4. Separate a third of the pancake batter and mix it in with the melted chocolate (this is for the patterns!). I thought this would be a better idea than just adding the chocolate alone to the frying pan as then it would probably burn and I’m sure you’ll agree that burnt chocolate is the stuff of nightmare’s 😫😂

5. Put a small amount of corn oil into a frying pan and leave to heat up. When it starts to get hot pour in some of the plain pancake batter and after it looks like it can handle it, flip it over! (I checked the edges weren’t sticking to the pan with a spatula first!).

6. Now, Are you ready? 😬 This is definitely the moment I was waiting for and why I was here in the first place 😂 On the side facing up arrange your design on the pancake with the chocolate mix! First I did swirls and then I carefully flipped it back over so that side could cook, this is what it turned out like:

Then I decided to get a bit creative after thinking I’d only be doing swirls and did a crisscross:

And last but not least I couldn’t not try do an emoji 😂:

You can kind of make it out but I’m not sure what emoji it would be 🤔 maybe the tongue sticking out one 😝 however I’m not going to lie, it looks like it’s smoking one of those pipes like people did back in the olden days 🙈😂

I sprinkled some sugar and lemon on the pancakes and they went down a treat! 😋 If you decide to give this recipe a go I hope you have just as much fun as I did!

Thank you for reading! 😉 Do you like pancakes? What do you have on them? Know any good free from dairy/gluten pancake recipes? (My sister shouldn’t have to miss out on this bliss! 😂) I don’t know if it’s the gluten free flour or the dairy free milk but they always end up like cardboard when we try to make an alternative 😛 Anywho! 😂 Let me know and I hope you have a lovely day! ❤

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