March Favourite’s

Hi everyone! Another month is behind us! (Fingers crossed that includes the worst of the snow as well if not all of it! 🙌❄). How was your March? ❤ I hope you all have at least one beautiful memory you will be carrying forward with you from it! Mine has been eye-opening in that I have been getting used to being out of the house!! Each time is planned thoroughly so that I am given days to heal from the resulting flare-ups and it’s been really nice feeling like I am developing that happy medium between blogging and life when the life part has been absent for years and so I tend to depend on the blogging side more than I should. Some of the months favourites are actually going out type things and that has got to be a first for me so as ever I’m excited to both document it here and share this journey with you!! Here are my March favourites! ❤

New duvet! 😴

I feel like this should come first because it’s the background for the rest of the photos in this post 😂 In my what I’m looking forward to in Spring post I wrote of wanting to get a Spring style duvet to use throughout the season and this is it! I love both sides but my favourite has to be the triangle faint blue, grey and white as it goes with my room well making it look clean and fresh for the season!

Winning Queen & Adam Lambert concert tickets! 🎫

Back in my February favourite’s I mentioned that my sister won us two tickets to see Queen & Adam Lambert + a trip to a restaurant (the vouchers came yesterday! 😆) and I really shouldn’t have done that as it happened on the day I uploaded that post early on in March and not in February but I told you that I couldn’t stop myself from leaving it out so it gets a separate proper mention here as I have more news about it!

My sister ended up buying 2 more tickets as well for mother’s day (as the concert takes place on our mum’s birthday in July) and so we will all be going as a family!! 😆 It will be a special moment as this band (even if it is minus two! 😂) have been my mums favourite since she was little as well as her mum’s (my Nan) and her sisters (my aunt) and when 5 years ago we all saw Brian May up in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin we never would have imagined we would get to see him in his element alongside Roger Taylor! Also we recently found out that the support acts are The Darkness and The Boomtown Rats so we’re extra excited now and my dad can’t wait to see Bob Geldof!

365 days of wordsearch’s book 🖊

In my second moment in time post I wrote of one of the days I really got into doing wordsearch’s and they were definitely something that characterized the month for me and helped take my mind off of particular flare-ups. I’m glad I have slowly stopped doing the wordsearch’s though as I was rushing through the book and I want to put it away to use when I know it will help me again!

Jimmy Carr live!

On the 25th of March I went to see Jimmy Carr last minute with my sister and some friends and he was so funny!! I ended up writing all about it HERE the very next day (I didn’t hang around with writing that one! 😂).

Everything in my Spring haul HERE that I posted early on last month!

This was such a lovely day and I keep reading it to be brought back to that headspace again! 😂 I finished one of the books (The Hit by Melvin Burgess) and I have been using those T-zone facial wipes almost every single day!

Words of wisdom cards

These 12 double sided cards containing motivational quotes were a gift from my mum and they are currently sitting in their wooden stand on my bedside cabinet!

Hudson Taylor concert! 🎵

On the 28th my sister and I went to see Hudson Taylor in Dublin at the Olympia Theatre and they were AMAZING!! The tickets allowed us to sit anywhere we wanted up in the stalls but of course we ended up sitting behind a row of people who wouldn’t shut up! 🙄😂 They were drunk standing all the time and not paying attention to any of it being quite horrible and taking millions of selfies so it was their loss really if they’d rather be there to say they went and not actually enjoy it for themselves. In the moment I thought that they’d ruined it a bit but afterwards on the way home listening to the CD that my sister got me there (that I had no idea it was signed by them!! 😄😂) I completely forgot how those people had upset us and could only think of how magical the music had been!! Hudson Taylor’s harmonies were absolutely incredible and I love them more for the experience! 😄

Thank you for reading! 😉 Did March bring you any favourites? Let me know and have a lovely day!!


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