This time next year tag revisited!

Hi everyone! How are you? ❤ I hope you had a lovely Easter whether you celebrated it or not! 🐣 (I’m sure there’s enough chocolate eggs to go round for everyone who wants them either way! 😋🍫😂). Yesterday was a year since I wrote the This Time Next Year Tag and so I decided to sit back and get all nostalgic over it! 😌 How has a year gone by already?? In all honesty can we even class 2017 as a proper year, it doesn’t feel right! 😂 I’m so happy that I did the tag back then! I basically wrote a list of 5 things that at the time I wanted to see myself achieve by April 1st 2018 and now we’re here! 😵 It’s strange but at the same time it’s not as I feel kind of older now when I look back on that post and that makes me feel better about the time difference! 😂 Here are all of the goals I set myself and how I fared against them!

Be the me that is often left behind closed doors

I have a habit of setting myself goals that I have no idea how to approach wordwise when it comes to updating, a year is a long time to fit into one answer! 😂 I am still incredibly shy but instead of hating myself for it I am learning to not fight it in the moments it comes into play. I keep thinking that if I try to fight it then I’m basically focusing on it more and more and letting it win. I guess that way of thinking can be applied to loads of things in life (e.g my flare-ups) and even though thinking it doesn’t help stop me from struggling to get words out I am keeping calm and trying so hard to not let things overwhelm me and give in to my mind telling me that I’ve ruined the chances I get to go out and live. I’m moving in the right direction with this one I think because I do come away from doing things with the same positive attitude I went into them with and telling myself that some things that happened were unavoidable and the rest is progress!

Have my driver’s license 🚗

Back when I wrote this I mentioned and focused more on the fact that I had booked my theory test for the next month and I am pleased to say that I passed that! (I wrote about it straight after HERE)…..but I haven’t got my license! (In meaning for the goal to be about the theory test I really shouldn’t have said anything about a license yet! 😂). I think the next step is my permit 🤔 I’m to hand in the certificate I got after my theory alongside documents and pay for a permit before May of next year but I’m in no rush to do any of that or get behind the wheel just yet 😓

Still be blogging!

You betcha! 😉 (Or this could be my doppelganger?? I’ve been watching too much Twin Peaks, I am 100% me in that sense! 😂). I was 4/5 months into blogging this time last year and so as much as I was beginning to see I loved doing it I secretly thought I would mess it all up as all that this brings is too good to be true but I’m here and I still don’t want this to end!

Be healthier

When I wrote this I understood that no extreme changes could occur within the space of a year after all of these years but I hoped that something no matter how small could be different. From what I can remember the rest of 2017 was in-between but with more bad days than good. At the same time it was neither worse or better when it came to flare-ups than it was when I wrote the tag but the first two months of this year were noticably worse than usual. The pain that came after that in March can somewhat be explained as being due to the snow/cold weather and days being more productive meaning more explosive later on.

Physically things are as out of control as ever even when I pace but mentally I feel like in trying hard to live more in the moment I have been coping better and am able to focus my mind on what I want to be doing in the times when I’m able. There are many weeks when I feel down or numb and I still get incredibly anxious in social situations but when my physical health let’s me get out I force myself not to be pushed down mentally as I know it’s better for me in the long run to have progress in that area for when the day comes that I am on something for my pain and can get out more.

And that’s that! 😌 Not too shabby! 😂 I don’t think I will do another one of these tags for next year as unlike back then I have seasonal bucket lists to think about but feel free to do it if you want to!! The rules are all in the original post I linked above!

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have a beautiful day! ❤


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