1900+ of you! β€πŸ€—

Hi everyone! How are you? I hope you’re well ❀ Yesterday I saw that there are now 1900+ of you and I can’t believe it!! This doesn’t feel real. Incase it changes I want to say Thank you Thank you Thank you for your constant support and friendship! πŸ€— I never think too much into the numbers side of blogging as a huge part of me still doesn’t understand why anyone would look twice at my mind’s rambles let alone be so kind as to read/comment/stick with little old me! I tend to get upset when I go through old posts and find myself in a better mindset because I want to think like that again but then I’ll look at the lovely comments you take the time to leave and grin like cheshire cat and feel like me all over again πŸ˜‚.

I don’t think there’s a word out there to explain how happy this makes me feel, I’ve been in an odd mood lately because of flare-ups and just life in general even though days have been more productive but this has helped wake me up somehow and I’m slowly starting feel like I’m more here and not floating around like a ghost all the time πŸ‘»πŸ˜‚. I was unsure about a lot of things to do with this post; how to write it, if it should be a part of my new series, “A Moment In Time”, and what I should call it (I ended up going for two names, one as the title and one written on the image used for the post πŸ˜πŸ˜‚). The indecisiveness could have gone on for days but then I thought why not just start writing and the rest will hopefully fall into place! (Excluding the double name mishap!πŸ˜‚)

Blogging has become a way of life in that I can’t remember not doing it/having you all with me and it is amazing to sit back and think how much has changed since this journey began. This place has allowed me to start over after never feeling comfortable enough to be myself in real life and now I’m both wanting and trying to change that! I’m still shy me but there is a noticeable change and I try not to ever ignore that when I’m doubting myself.

Writing has helped me see things in a different light and has made me want to try to step out of my comfort zone whenever possible. I’ve never mentioned this before but blogging helped me to get in contact with someone I used to know, it built up my confidence to do it because I thought “if I can do this and put myself out there to people I have never met then I shouldn’t feel as worried as I do about talking to someone I used to be close to when I was little” and so I did it at the end of last year and now have an amazing friend in them who I feel like I’ve known forever!

I will forever be grateful and appreciative for this and there is a special place in my heart for all of my blogging friends who build me up without even knowing it! Honestly you are the best, THANK YOU!!

Thank you for reading and being the amazing people you are! (Of course you can’t help that last part! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚) I hope you’re having a beautiful day! ❀


  1. Love you!!!! ❀❀❀ Your blog is amazing and you are an amazing human being. Your blog makes me really happy. Writing is such an important tool to heal. You deserve it so much, congrats!!!! πŸŽ‰ Blog party πŸ˜‚

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