First Day of Spring Haul! 🌞 March 2018

Hi everyone! How are you? ❤ The other day I went on a little spending spree and it just so happened to be the official start of spring, sun and all! 🌞 It was the first time I’d been out in a little over 3 weeks! It’s been a not so nice cycle of being stuck in because of flare-ups, then being snowed in and then having flare-ups because of the cold weather brought along by the snow 😂 and so although I had some nerves about finally being able to step out I was more so excited as I’ve been away from the world for longer than that before without the snow! (I felt better in knowing that it wasn’t all unexplainable me this time! 😂).

My family and I drove an hour or so away to a shopping centre we’d never been to before so it was nice to see a new part of Ireland for once and take in the scenery, I was truly hypnotized by it all 😂. On the way there I felt tired already with pain steadily getting worse so I took some paracetamol and dozed off which definitely helped me regain some strength for the day ahead! 😴 When we arrived I got some goodies that I can’t wait to share with you so here we go! 🛍

Books! 📚

The first shop we went into after rushing to the toilets when we got there was Easons! 😂 I was there for a good while digging for something different and I kept coming back to these three; Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch, The Fandom by Anna Day and The Hit by Melvin Burgess! Looking at them now I realize how different they are from each other, Love & Gelato sounds like the perfect relaxing Spring/Summer read, The Fandom is all fantasy like and The Hit’s description is kinda like a thriller (I could be wrong though as I’m still to read far into them, I stood there reading a couple pages of each of them in the store….it felt so good to be in a bookstore again or any building other than home for that matter! 😂).

T-zone tea tree & witch hazel exfoliating facial wipes 💆

We then went to Sam McCauley’s where I didn’t plan on getting anything but at the back of my mind I’m always wanting to see if my skin can benefit from any different products instead of just sticking with the same thing because I’m used to the routine of it. In the past I’ve tried nose strips by T-Zone that are supposed to (if not eliminate) help reduce the appearance of blackheads and they’ve been okay but the tea tree side of it did sting my sensitive skin and put me off using anything with that ingredient in it for years.

I thought I should give these wipes a go as I figured with time skin can change (my Raynaud’s wasn’t bad enough to be visible face wise back then) and although they were advertised as €3 (I was a bit out of it by then and thought this was a deal! 🙄😂) I went to pay only to be charged 50c!! 😲 The shopkeeper told me the price and I said “oh!” in surprise and then tried to mask it wishing I’d grabbed more 😂 She gave me an odd look at my outburst and it was so embarrassing! I don’t think she realized both the label on the pack and above where they had been placed said €3 so I had the last laugh though! 😏😂

I’ve been using them and they leave my face feeling and looking so soft and hydrated!

River Island Ditch the Label charity sweatshirt €35

After that we went outside to River Island where we searched for this sweatshirt which I’d found on their site back when we’d decided to go to the shopping center! My sister found it hidden at the back of a rack and im so happy with it! It is to be worn in support of the Ditch the Label anti-bullying campaign and a portion of the proceedings went to that charity. In bold rainbow block lettering it reads “#Labels are for clothes”. Later I tried it on and took my first selfie alone since October last year when I took a blog photo which in itself shows just how good the day made me feel! I couldn’t keep a straight face for it though 🙈😂

New look Cami top/vest €6

I picked this top up in New Look thinking it would go nice with a pair of jeans I have that end at my knees (always unsure as to whether or not I should call those things shorts! 😂) or really anything casual on a warm day. As my sister and I walked around we found a pair of black tracksuit bottoms that would go well with it but weren’t worth the price so I decided not to buy them as we both thought a pair exactly the same could be gotten cheaper in Penney’s and so I bought this top as it was too much of a deal to leave behind!

The shopping centre was oddly laid out with some shops stacked outside and others cosily tucked into a not at all busy building and so we had a lovely time strolling around inside as well as in the light breeze (especially as the walkways outside were shaded from the sun 😌). I ended up getting a strawberry icecream after saying I would try fried icecream but chickening out at the last second 🍦😂

Upon arriving home my dad and sister went out to pick up a Chinese takeaway (we live too far out for deliveries) and after that delicious meal we rounded the day off by watching the great British bake off! This was by far the best day I’ve had in a long long time and although it started off uneasily not knowing if it would go through it ended with a clear mind and I can’t wait for the pain of it to go down (that started the next day) so that I can go out and do it again!

Thank you for reading! 😉 Have you read any of the books I got in this haul? What did you think of them? Let me know and have a lovely day! ❤


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