My Spring bucket list! ðŸŒ»

Hi everyone! How are you today? ❤ It’s time to write one of those bucket lists that I always fear I’ll regret…I never do too bad but the fear remains nonetheless! 😓 (I suppose you need a bit of fear to keep you going sometimes 😂). The goals I have decided upon for spring don’t necessarily go in with the season itself (maybe that’s a good idea as the weather isn’t even here yet! 🙄😂) and are just fun things I want to try do.

Despite the on and off rain at the moment the sun has started making an appearance and will hopefully soon dry up the ongoing flood (even though Storm Emma is said to be on her way back with snow again! 😫). I thought it was time to do this so that I could give myself the best chance of achieving my goals starting early. Without further ado here they are!

Learn more Italian 🇮🇹

Back when I started blogging I was learning Italian with the app Mango and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know what made me stop 🤔 it might have been a combination of blogging and studying or even just not having the time to myself to speak the language out loud as I was embarrassed about my pronunciation 🙈😂 I got a far way into it and before I stopped I got two little travel dictionaries that I have been flicking through recently and getting into again. My goal for now would be to set time aside to dedicate towards learning more! 🤓

Watch more Studio Ghibli films!

When I came back from my blogging break HERE I mentioned that whilst I was away I watched My Neighbor Totoro and loved it! I went on a search for more Studio Ghibli films finding that a couple of years ago I saw The Cat Returns and enjoyed that too. This for me cemented the fact that maybe I should branch out diving deeper into their work and see how I feel about the rest of it? Since making that decision I have watched The Secret World of Arriety and I’m ready for more! 😂 Are there any you recommend?

Get into the habit of having outfits ready in my wardrobe!

I want to try do this for the mornings I wake up feeling okay but went to bed the evening before unable to plan out the next day. These clothes that I lay out will basically be waiting for me when my body decides to give me the first portion of the day but didn’t give me the day before 😂 This way I won’t waste energy rummaging about looking for clothes and so I will be more productive with what extra time I have on good mornings!

Be crafty! 🎨

And not in a sneaky way 👀😂 in a creative way! At the moment I am in the middle of building a Mars Curiosity Rover and I’m loving it! 💃 I started it sometime last year and when a part of it wasn’t holding together properly I ended up putting it away before I made it fit properly! 👊😂 I have gotten back into building it again after finding that the side that didn’t slot in well could be made stronger if only I’d kept going before and am finding it so relaxing having my mind focus completely on it. It’s quite a complex design and I’m taking my time with it not only so I don’t make a mistake with the flimsy pieces but also because I want it to go on forever 😂

I would also like to start more projects and paint those stones I got for my birthday HERE as I can imagine that being just as calming! 🖌

Use Twitter! 🐦

Twitter is the only social media that I use with my blog and I hardly even use it! 🙈 I’m HERE (I’ll just throw that in there 😂) and I share links to new posts and on the rarest of occasions a random tweet (probably about snow ❄). I used to take part in chats and I loved how random the topics were and how they were easygoing and encouraged you to feel comfortable enough to join in and make friends. I have kept contact with a couple of bloggers from those days but I don’t join in on the chats anymore as I can’t risk staring at my phone screen that long and as unbusy as I always think I am I can never be ready for the set times that they take place as I’m off doing something else 😂.

I would like to pay more attention to Twitter and revamp my bio (I have no idea what to put in it!) and maybe even jump in on a chat from time to time if I ever tune in during one. The biggest reason that I tend to avoid Twitter is that sometimes it makes me feel down, I can’t explain why though it just happens. I think I should give it more of a chance and if I still feel the same way about it after that then I can just return to where I am now sharing posts 🙂

Thank you for reading! 😉 I will return to review these goals at the end of spring! 😬 Have you made any seasonal goals? Let me know and have a beautiful day! ❤


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